Brainstorm Comics and Gaming, now located at 117 N. Market St in downtown Frederick, Maryland, is digging through our backroom as we prepare to make a big announcement. Our last big announcment was our move to North Market Street; the upcoming announcement is BIGGER!

In the meantime, we are bagging and boarding and sorting through collections we have purchased over the last four and a half years. As we excavate the backroom, we are rediscovering some gems that we had forgotten. An example is this copy of Fawcett’s Funny Animals #65 from the heart of the Golden Age of Comics–1949!

The book stars Hoppy the Marvel Bunny, Sherlock Monk, Willie the Worm, Battling Bantam, Billy the Kid and more!

Currently this book is not in the store as it is part of the BIGGER than big announcement that is forthcoming.

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