Warcry Is Almost Here!

The skirmish based version of Age of Sigmar looks to be very interesting.  We will have a demo copy in the store hopefully today (depending on FedEx) or at the latest on Monday.

If you’re a fan of Kill Team or if you like the idea but prefer fantasy based miniatures, you’re going to want to check this out.

Read up on Warcry here….


We are looking for someone who is interested in running demos for this at the larger location.  You don’t know about the larger location? Click on the link below for some great news that is sure to get you excited about gaming in Frederick, Maryland.


If you’re interested in helping us demo Warcry, email us at brainstormcomics@verizon.net

Here is an unboxing video showing all of the great things that come in the starter….



Games Workshop is supporting the release of Warcry with some great new products.  Don’t forget that our prices are 10% off of the suggest retail price listed in these descriptions.

This is the list of releases for August 3rd…

Warcry Starter Set

  • A brand-new skirmish games system for 2 or more players set in the Mortal Realms
  • Introduces all-new Chaos miniatures, scenery and narrative campaigns
  • The game is fast to play, and full of devastating combos enabling you to deal loads of damage
  • This box contains everything you need to start playing Warcry, including:
    – The Warcry Core Book containing all the rules needed to play
    – 2 brand-new Chaos warbands
    – Brand-new Chaotic beasts
    – New terrain designed just for Warcry
    – All the cards, tokens and tools to help you get the most out of your battles
    – Supports 8 new Chaos warbands and 9 existing Age of Sigmar factions

US $170

Warcry Core Book

  • The complete rulebook for Warcry available separately
  • The full rules for playing games of Warcry
  • Guidance for open, narrative, and matched play gaming
  • Campaign section supports 8 new Chaos warbands and 9 existing Warhammer Age of Sigmar factions

US $40

Warcry: Cypher Lords

  • A warband which drive their foes to insanity with sorcerous illusions and hallucinatory potions
  • A brand-new Warcry warband containing 8 Cypher Lords Citadel Miniatures and all of the cards you need to use them in games, including:
    – fighter cards, a warband ability card and divider cards

US $50

Warcry Battleplan Cards

  • 108 cards to help you set up your games of Warcry
  • Includes 36 Deployment cards, 36 Twist cards, and 36 Victory cards
  • These are already included in the Warcry Starter Set
  • An essential purchase for customers who have only bought the Warcry Core Book

US $18

Warcry Carry Case

  • A Warcry-branded case to carry your warbands in style
  • Carries up to 20 miniatures
  • Rigid foam case with zip lock for extra protection
  • The Warcry logo is printed on one side in white, with a white skull icon on the reverse

US $35

Warcry Card Packs Dispenser

  • Warcry rules for 9 existing factions, supplied in a dispenser
    – 3 Stormcast Eternals – 3 Nighthaunt – 2 Idoneth Deepkin
    – 2 Daughters of Khaine – 2 Legions of Nagash – 1 Flesh-eater Courts
    – 3 Gloomspite Gitz – 1 Ironjawz – 1 Bonesplitterz
  • Each set includes fighter cards, a warband ability card, and divider cards

US $144/ CAN $180

Warcry: Corpsewrack Mausoleum

  • A themed environment set for games of Warcry
  • Contains the scenery, gameboard, tokens and rules you need to play games in a mysterious mausoleum

US $90

Warcry Ruler

  • Measures 8 inches and made from flexible rubber which stays in place when bent
  • Allows you to measure to a terrain feature and then up or around it to check distances

US $15

If you are interested in one of these great products, let us know so we can ensure that we have a copy for you.

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