Is Dominion Best Box Set Ever? Don’t take our word for it. Click the button below to see an in-depth review of this massive box. The retail price is $200 but as with most Games Workshop products, Brainstorm Comics and Gaming knocked the price down by 10%–down to $180. For the amount of items that come in the box, $200 was a great price, but the low price point makes it something you can’t afford to miss.

We have copies of the box set in both our Frederick, Maryland and our Walkerville, Maryland locations.

Find out why Dominion is THE BEST BOX SET EVER!

Keep an eye out for other news as we are doing paint nights in our Walkersville location on Wednesdays–a great opportunity to meet up with your fellow wargaming enthusiasts. That occurs from 5 pm until 8 pm.

Thursday Throwdown begins at 5 and ends at 9–this is your chance to meet up with other players to get in a game.

And finally don’t forget that Saturdays are another day that Games Workshop players gather to battle their armies.

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