One of our favorite things to do at the shop is sharing our weekly pull lists and must reads with one another. It’s one of the best ways we’ve been finding new things to read or even reasons to return to old favorites. We thought it would be fun to start sharing our weekly picks of books we’re most excited about. Our hope is that in sharing our excitement you might discover something new to add to your list. Check back weekly on Tuesday evenings for lists from John, Chandler and Jason & Jake. Each has a different background and perspective to share.

Spoiler alert: Also check back in the weeks to come for a chance to win some cool prizes including some of the books we’ll feature on our lists.

John’s Picks

Veteran Comics Reader and Shop Owner. John offers the perspective of both a long time reader and shop owner.

Chandler’s Picks

Chandler has been reading and collecting for several years now. Long time customer who joined the Brainstorm team this year.

Jason & Jake’s Picks

Father and son (11yo) duo who started out as Brainstorm customers interested in D&D and MTG. Jason used to read comics off an on but only recently returned as he began reading and collecting as a father son activity with Jake.

1. Wolverine #9

I normally leave the big two to Jason/Jake and Chandler for the weekly picks, but I’m excited about this story line. First, we have an awesome cover. Second, we have Adam Kubert art. Third, we have the makings of an interesting story. A criminal underground auction is selling off superhero artifacts and this one just happens to include pieces of the Weapon X program. This is sure to go down as a classic.


2. Stake #1

Vampires have let it be known that they do exist. Angel lost her two friends to them, leading her to join the Vampire Bounty Hunter Union. She’s on a mission to destroy those who destroyed her life.


3. Sweet Downfall #1

This one appeals to me for its similarities to the classic Scud: The Disposable Assassin (If you haven’t read that, you should). In this one, a crash test dummy has been repurposed to be a hitman. Only on his latest mission, he fell in love with his target and has gone off script. If this one is half as good as Scud, we’re all in for a treat.


1. The Other History of The DC Universe #2

John Ridley has killing it at DC lately. His first issue of this mini series was amazing, next batman has been great and is already getting a follow up series. This book follows the characters Karen Beecher-Duncan aka Bumblebee and her husband Mal Duncan as 2 of the younger black superheroes and viewing the superhero world and especially the Titans from their perspective. I am really looking forward to this book.


2. Batman Black and White #2

Ever want to pick up a Batman comic but are frustrated because you don’t know where to start? Well look no further. Black and White is an awesome anthology series where the best in the biz team up to tell amazing one off stories about the caped crusader. No context or background knowledge needed!


3. Future State: Aquaman #1

Aquaman is one of my personal favorites. This book however focuses not on Arthur Curry but on Jackson Hyde formerly known as Aqualad and Arthur and Mera’s daughter Andy. This looks like a fun story with cool art and undersea adventures.

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1. Daredevil #26

Our favorite non venom Marvel book finally collides with the King In Black event. We were big fans of this book before it blew up with #25 and it just keeping getting better. (Jakes 1st book he can say he was reading before it was “cool”). Looking forward to seeing how Matt and Elektra both adapt to their new situations and to Knull. Be sure to check out the awesome connecting cover variant with Elektra.


2. Strange Academy #7

It still doesn’t get much better for a father son (or daughter) read than this one. It’s been on our list ever week it hits for good reason. Things didn’t go well last issue for the kids and this issue looks to be all about the consequences. If you’re not on this book now is a good time. Next month the first tpb hits with issues 1-6. Pick this one up while you can and save it, get the tpb, subscribe and binge a great story next month. You won’t be sorry.


3. Loot #1

Superstore sort of meets tomb raider? Our young heroine works at a big box store in loss prevention by day but dreams of treasure hunting by night. Jake and I have really been digging some of the indie books and it is way cool that Scout comics is doing Scoot (their all ages imprint) with books like this. If you want to read comics as a family you now have options beyond the typical big 2 or 3. This one has the potential to be one for our whole family not just Jake and I. Check it out.


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