One of our favorite things to do at the shop is sharing our weekly pull lists and must reads with one another. It’s one of the best ways we’ve been finding new things to read or even reasons to return to old favorites. We thought it would be fun to start sharing our weekly picks of books we’re most excited about. Our hope is that in sharing our excitement you might discover something new to add to your list. Check back weekly on Tuesday evenings for lists from John, Chandler and Jason & Jake. Each has a different background and perspective to share.

Spoiler alert: Also check back in the weeks to come for a chance to win some cool prizes including some of the books we’ll feature on our lists.

John’s Picks

Veteran Comics Reader and Shop Owner. John offers the perspective of both a long time reader and shop owner.

Chandler’s Picks

Chandler has been reading and collecting for several years now. Long time customer who joined the Brainstorm team this year.

Jason & Jake’s Picks

Father and son (11yo) duo who started out as Brainstorm customers interested in D&D and MTG. Jason used to read comics off an on but only recently returned as he began reading and collecting as a father son activity with Jake.

1. Wolverine #9

I normally leave the big two to Jason/Jake and Chandler for the weekly picks, but I’m excited about this story line. First, we have an awesome cover. Second, we have Adam Kubert art. Third, we have the makings of an interesting story. A criminal underground auction is selling off superhero artifacts and this one just happens to include pieces of the Weapon X program. This is sure to go down as a classic.


2. The Next Batman #1

In the future of Gotham, The Magistrate is a security group in total control, having outlawed vigilantes. I’m looking forward to John Ridley’s take on the Batman mythos with a new person under the cape and cowl.


3. Eternals #1

If you’re unfamiliar with the Eternals but want to catch up, Marvel is launching a new series to familiarize audiences before the movie launches. There is a secret history that most of which most of mankind is unaware. The Eternals has protected us from the Deviants for millenia. Learn about their mission here. By Kieran Gillen, the mind that brought us Die.


1. Dark Nights Death Metal #7

This is it the grand finale. Years in the making. I am really excited to see the final chapter of Death Metal and see what is in store for the DC universe!

Concluded Check TPBs or Back issues

2. Crossover #3

This book is just a super fun read. I love Image comics and the name drops of writers, artists, and characters give me hope that we may see some superheroes from Marvel or DC in this series. Stay tuned for some really exciting things happening in this book!


1. Venom #32

Our favorite book to read together and it’s really been getting crazy with Knull on the scene. Eddie is not in a good spot but as he admits he’s hit rock bottom before. Looking forward to seeing how he claws his way back and continues trying to do right by his son.


2. Symbiote Spider-Man #3

We’re not normally fans of prequels and the like; but based on the circumstances I’m not even sure this counts this counts? Kang the conqueror and spidey on the same side? This is crazy fun ride and our favorite King in Black tie in.


3. The Last Witch #1

Been looking forward to this one since we saw it in previews. Saoirse and her little brother set out seeking adventure on the one day the legendary witch is said to be on the hunt for children. Clearly Saoirse has a destiny and things aren’t all as they seem. This has all the makings of a fun book to read with the kids. It also has a B cover available by artist Jorge Corona who we really like from Feathers.


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