One of our favorite things to do at the shop is sharing our weekly pull lists and must reads with one another. It’s one of the best ways we’ve been finding new things to read or even reasons to return to old favorites. We thought it would be fun to start sharing our weekly picks of books we’re most excited about. Our hope is that in sharing our excitement you might discover something new to add to your list. Check back weekly on Tuesday evenings for lists from John, Chandler and Jason & Jake. Each has a different background and perspective to share.

Spoiler alert: Also check back in the weeks to come for a chance to win some cool prizes including some of the books we’ll feature on our lists.

John’s Picks

Veteran Comics Reader and Shop Owner. John offers the perspective of both a long time reader and shop owner.

Chandler’s Picks

Chandler has been reading and collecting for several years now. Long time customer who joined the Brainstorm team this year.

Jason & Jake’s Picks

Father and son (11yo) duo who started out as Brainstorm customers interested in D&D and MTG. Jason used to read comics off an on but only recently returned as he began reading and collecting as a father son activity with Jake.

1.Marvel Snapshots Civil War

One of the most impactful comics of the past 20 years was Civil War. Marvel had some of the biggest names in the industry charting the course of their universe. Anytime the company revisits this era, I’ll be along for the ride.


2. E-RATIC #1

Kaare Andrews is a favorite creator of mine so when his name is attached to a project, I’m going to at least check out the first issue. Here we have a teenage superhero whose powers only last for a 10 minute stretch. The concept has lots of potential.


Modok Head Games #1

By Patton Oswalt and Jordan Blum, the creative team bringing the animated MODOK series to life. Every once in a while you need a light hearted comedy to soften the more serious books on the shelf.


1. Justice League: Endless Winter #1

This is a 9 part multi-title crossover event. Normally I don’t love these type of events but this one seems really fun! DC meets Game of Thrones meets Vikings! How could you not be on board for that!? Starring some great characters and an interesting new villain this event looks like it has a lot of promise and it wraps up in just 1 month. That never happens with these events!! Take it and run everyone!


2. BatmanCatwoman #1

Oh Tom King…you give me so many mixed emotions. His run on Batman had truly great story arcs but it also held a fair amount of mediocrity. However this 12 part series is a past, present, and future tale that was supposed to be his original ending for his Batman run. Look for an interesting story, beautiful art by Clay Mann, and a character from Batman: Mask of the Phantasm a.k.a. the best Batman movie ever made! I’m very hopeful that this will make up for broken promises in King’s Batman run!


3. Strange Adventures #7

After a long hiatus we are finally back to more issues of this book starring one of my favorite minor characters, Adam Strange. Dueling art from Mitch Gerards and Doc Shaner make this book visually stunning. Hopefully now we finally get the answer to the question we have been asking for 6 issues. What. Happened. To. Adam. Strange’s. Daughter?!


1. King in Black #1

The event Jake and I have been looking forward to since we started reading and collecting together. Cates has been building towards this for a long time and to say we are excited is a massive understatement. 


2. Thor #10

What can we say Jake and I are Cates fans and we’ve been enjoying Thor. We’re excited to see how this twisted take on Donald Blake pans out.


3. E-RATIC #1

We’re going to double on with one of John’s picks for our last pick. We like reading books with young protagonists and we also really dig giving indie books a try. That paired with an interesting twist on the powers being limited to 10 minutes makes this a must read for us this week.


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