One of our favorite things to do at the shop is sharing our weekly pull lists and must reads with one another. It’s one of the best ways we’ve been finding new things to read or even reasons to return to old favorites. We thought it would be fun to start sharing our weekly picks of books we’re most excited about. Our hope is that in sharing our excitement you might discover something new to add to your list. Check back weekly on Tuesday evenings for lists from John, Chandler and Jason & Jake. Each has a different background and perspective to share.

Spoiler alert: Also check back in the weeks to come for a chance to win some cool prizes including some of the books we’ll feature on our lists.

John’s Picks

Veteran Comics Reader and Shop Owner. John offers the perspective of both a long time reader and shop owner.

Chandler’s Picks

Chandler has been reading and collecting for several years now. Long time customer who joined the Brainstorm team this year.

Jason & Jake’s Picks

Father and son (11yo) duo who started out as Brainstorm customers interested in D&D and MTG. Jason used to read comics off an on but only recently returned as he began reading and collecting as a father son activity with Jake.

1. Piecemeal #1

A horror book by one of the masters of the genre in comics–Cullen Bunn. A haunted house with a murderer stalking five kids about to graduate, this promises to bring the thrills and chills Bunn is known to provide. Looking forward to this one

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2. Byte Sized #1

Byte-Sized #1: Cullen Bunn turns his attention to Christmas. The Christmas gifts for two children turn out to be self-aware robots exploring our world. Knowing the writer, there are sure to be some surprises. Whenever Bunn is attached, I’m there


3. Home Sick Pilots #1

Home Sick Pilots #1: the solicit promises a mixture between Power Rangers and The Shining which is enough for me to be on board but there’s also a haunted house walking across California. Within it is a missing high schooler who wants to know how she got there. I’m in!


1. Batman Black and White #1

Easy choice for a Batman fan. Some amazing writers and artists teaming up to write an awesome anthology of one-shots! This will be a fun monthly read!


2. Seven Secrets #5

This is book is just too much fun to leave off of my picks. The writing has been so exciting and the characters really jump off the page. A must read book imo!


3. Crossover #2

While everyone is obsessing over King in Black I’ve been patiently waiting for Cates’ real adventure. Comics are real and they quite literally jumped off the page causing a catastrophic event in the U.S. Several years have past and our protagonist Ellipses has found a comic book character. She now has to protect her in a world where all comic book “people” are contained in a militarized zone. But one hero is bringing back truth, justice, and the American way. At least I really hope it’s him! You don’t want to miss this series!


1. Venom #31

Issue 30 wrapped up the Venom Beyond arc and it left Eddie Brock in a pretty good place. All that changed when Knull showed up in King in Black #1, Jake and I are excited to see how that picks up and what happens to Eddie and Venom. We’ve been waiting for this event for a while and we’re excited.


2. Strange Academy #5

Last issue the kids went off and got themselves in a bit of trouble off in the swamp looking for their missing buddy. Now we get to see the students in action as this plays out. This is a consistently fun and favorite read for Jake and I. Can’t recommend it enough.


3. Batman Black and White #1

Tough choice for our final pick this week. It came down to crossover and Batman Black and White. Jake isn’t as excited about crossover as I am so we went with Batman. We’ve been catching up on Batman lately as I share comics, movies and event the cartoons with Jake. We’re having a good time with it all so we’re super excited about this one. The recent wolverine book made us appreciate how amazing black and white art can be and even though this doesn’t use splashes of color the same way we think this looks amazing and can’t wait to read it. We’re looking forward to reading this and getting some best of stories.


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