One of our favorite things to do at the shop is sharing our weekly pull lists and must reads with one another. It’s one of the best ways we’ve been finding new things to read or even reasons to return to old favorites. We thought it would be fun to start sharing our weekly picks of books we’re most excited about. Our hope is that in sharing our excitement you might discover something new to add to your list. Check back weekly on Tuesday evenings for lists from John, Chandler and Jason & Jake. Each has a different background and perspective to share.

Spoiler alert: Also check back in the weeks to come for a chance to win some cool prizes including some of the books we’ll feature on our lists.

John’s Picks

Veteran Comics Reader and Shop Owner. John offers the perspective of both a long time reader and shop owner.

Chandler’s Picks

Chandler has been reading and collecting for several years now. Long time customer who joined the Brainstorm team this year.

Jason & Jake’s Picks

Father and son (11yo) duo who started out as Brainstorm customers interested in D&D and MTG. Jason used to read comics off an on but only recently returned as he began reading and collecting as a father son activity with Jake.

1. Recount #2

A lot has happened in real world politics since the first issue of this title was dropped. I was already stoked to read this book but now it’s prescient story makes it even more fascinating to me. We will see whether issue two can keep the momentum moving forward.


2. Black Friday #1

As we shop on Black Friday every year, there are always stories about what people are willing to do for one another for some product or another. Well, all of that negative energy that has been building up over the years has unleashed something terrible upon the world. And it’s up to a store’s clean-up crew to take care of business. The art in the is is amazing, reminding me of Sam Kieth. I’m all in.


3. Shadow Doctor #1

Nathaniel Calloway, a black man in 1930s Chicago, graduated from medical school but is unable to get a job in the city’s hospitals or secure a loan to found his own practice due to the color of his skin so he turns to those who will accept his services–the mob. The story sounds very interesting and the writer says it is based around the true exploits of his grandfather.


1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: the Last Ronin #2

The wait is finally over! If this issue even lives up to half of the hype of the first one this should prove to he a great series.


2.Immortal Hulk Flat Line #1

At this point anything with the title Immortal Hulk and I am in. This looks like a really exciting one shot written by up and coming star Declan Shalvey.

One Shot

2. Black Friday #1

Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year. Millions of Americans pack the aisles of retail outlets all over the country battling for the best bargains. While an unlucky clean-up crew deals with the aftermath of the latest Black Friday frenzy, they discover that years of pent-up negative energy has released something very evil and dark into their superstore, which is just the way corporate wanted it. As a former department store worker this book feels like it will hit too close too home with just enough of a twist to keep me around.


1. King in Black #4

Here we go the penultimate issue of King in Black. With only one issue left after this we’re guessing this one gets crazy. Who is the god of light? What’s up with the Silver Surfer and when is Eddie and venom going to get back in the fight. Can’t wait to read this one.


2. Planet of The Symbiotes #2

King in Black has been nuts. How can it get any crazier? How about a grudge match between a Symbiotic Dragon monster and a Kaiju. Yes please.


3. Thor #12

Thanks to publishing schedules getting out of whack we already know Thor gets out and shows up to fight Knull. We’re excited to find out how and just how much chaos Blake unleashes before death with.


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