The spicy peppers keep on coming. Stay up to date about what’s lining the walls of Brainstorm Comics and Gaming by watching our unboxing videos. Our Walkersville, Maryland location has an expansive back issue selection paired with graded books. We hope you enjoy this CGC comic book unboxing.

What grades did these 6 books get?

  • Avengers #57 — 1st appearance of Vision
  • Captain America #117 — 1st appearance of Falcon
  • Silver Surfer #1 — 1st ongoing series
  • Amazing Spider-Man #101 — 1st Morbius
  • Fantastic Four #52 — 1st appearance of Black Panther
  • Thor: God of Thunder #2 — 1st appearance of God Butcher

Watch the video to see the grades these spicy peppers 🌶 got. What would you rate them on the Scoville scale?

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If you haven’t been to our Walkersville location to see the massive amount of back issues we have on display, you’re going to want to watch the next video which is a walking tour of the store. Comic collectors have a home at Brainstorm Comics and Gaming in Walkersville, Maryland. Every comic is bagged and boarded to ensure the maximum quality for discerning hobbyists like you.

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