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Storm Chasers! Lots of great things are happening and are on the immediate docket to make your Brainstorm Comics and Gaming experience even better! We have lots of great comic and gaming news in this email, so we hope that you read the entire post as we are confident there is something that will appeal to you within these words.

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Before we get to that, though, today is the Happiest Day of the Week–otherwise known as New Comic Book Day.  We’ve started a new video series called the High Five where we highlight the five books we think you should pay particular attention to on the new release wall. If you’re interested in the comic portion of our comic and gaming news, you’re going to want to check out the High Five.

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If you love to hear more about comics, check out John and co-host Chandler on this week’s Turning the Page. The dynamic duo will be covering a wide array of topics that will appeal to comic fans of all degrees.

Here’s what we discuss this week:

1) DC’s solicits originally showed a price increase. That has since been stated to be a typo on their part. Regardless, Chandler and John discussed this prior to the correction.

2) Books from the 90s, even ones that seem to be quite plentiful, have been moving for $150+ on ebay in 9.8 graded condition. Are they worth that much?

3) Todd McFarlane stated that he feels villains shouldn’t transition into being heroes. Is this a reasonable stance?

4) Marvel filed for divorce from Diamond Comics–is this good for the industry, bad for the industry or will the industry continue on as normal? The panel discusses the repercussions.

5) Next year marks the 30th anniversary for Image Comics. If someone were to try to recreate the lightning in the bottle that was the 7 founding members striking out on their own, who would we enlist? John and Chandler give three members of who they think would make the cut.

To watch the video, click the link below. As mentioned above, please show your support by LCS (Liking, Commenting and Subscribing) to Brainstorm Comics and Gaming’s, your LCS’s (Local Comic Shop’s), YouTube channel.

Now, as we stated above, we are working on some great content for the YouTube channel and we are definitely going to need your help.  This is for gamers as well as comic fans. We are hoping to do a variety of comic and gaming news segments on the YouTube channel, so we are open to suggestions.

If you see something you’d like to contribute to or if you have other ideas for us to add to the list of future projects, let us know.  Our goal is to be an all in one experience that fosters the sense of community we all need.

Without further delay, however, here is the list of videos we are doing and some of the things we need to bring them to life…

1) Eye of the Storm — This is a renaming of our employee’s picks.  We are hoping to be able to do a short one minute video from each of our contributors about their picks.  Where is the attention of each staff member this Wednesday?  Find out in Eye of the Storm!

2) The Storm Watch — a renaming of our High Five series.  This will be redone in a slightly different format.  Among our customers, we have people who are strictly Marvel, strictly DC and strictly independent.  With that in mind, we are adjusting this to be more in line with the wants of all of our customers.  Instead of limiting it to five picks where one of those categories might be shorted, we are going to do a list of three titles for each so everyone can be made aware of something they might be interested in.

3) Storming the Castle — do you know that great adventure where you beat the odds and slayed that dragon despite everything being against you?  That isn’t this show.  This will focus on the times where your dice betrayed you–leaving you in a heap on the dungeon floor but with a great story to tell your friends.

4) Two Unnamed Projects — we are looking for cosplayers for two unnamed projects.  We don’t want to spoil what these are as of yet as they probably won’t be ready to be put on the channel until June.  Obviously if you are interested, we can give you more information.  Please contact us at for further information.

5) The Super-Hero Draft — This is one that we are very excited about.  We already have everything we need for it and should be filming next week.  The final product will be 8 days–a round each day–of 8 comic fans drafting their superhero team.  Our goal is to have this ready for May 1st.  Tying into it, we will also have a a pre-draft special, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

6) Creator Draft — Inspired by our discussion this week regarding an attempt of recreating the Image exodus, we want to do something similar where we draft creators alive and dead for the greatest comic company in existence.  We are looking for people interested in participating in this one.  Our goal is to have 8 teams again.  If you’re interested, please contact John at for further information.

7) Unnamed GW project — we have a customer who loves statistics who wants to drill down to the nitty gritty on the Warcry front.  This is still in the preliminary stages, but our goal is to do a four parter that begins filming in May with a posting of the video in June.

8) Turning the Page — we are going to continue the weekly program where we provide our commentary on the happenings within the comic industry. We are hoping to do a gaming one as well, so we can balance our comic and gaming news on the YouTube channel.


We have been asked repeatedly when we plan on opening the gaming room and we can finally give you an answer–MAY 2ND!

Our goal is to limit this to one v one games at first (Magic: The Gathering and Warhammer) with the intention of adding Dungeons and Dragons and board games later in the year, probably around July.

In addition to that, we are giving away FREE COMICS at our Walkersville location on May 1st which is why we are delaying the opening of the gaming room by a day. Books from last year’s FCBD along with other goodies

More announcements about that are on the way, so pay attention to the website and newsletter. So there you have it–lots of comic and gaming news for you to digest. Hopefully it has you as excited as it has us.

Be sure to sign up for the newsletter by clicking the link below. As always, thank you for reading.


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