Every week, John and a co-host discuss the topics of the week in the great hobby we all love–comic books. This week Chandler and John give comic book news and opinions regarding Moon Girl, Spider-Man, Infinite Frontier and the women who have helped shape the comics industry.

comic book news and opinions
Moon girl is coming to Disney +.

Here is the full list of topics for our discussion this week:

Topic #1: Moon Girl is getting her own Disney+ show despite her comic underperforming in the monthly format. Is it too soon for her to get her own show?

Topic #2: NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) are taking the world by storm. Is this going to affect the comic book industry and if so, in what ways?

Topic #3: Amazing Spider-Man #60 had Doctor Strange come to the realization that there is something amiss with Peter Parker’s soul. Is this the path to restoration of Peter and MJ’s marriage or is Nick Spencer on a quest to have every comic book fan curse his name?

Big Topic of the Week: Over the past 10 years, DC comics has journeyed down a path of darkness. A glimmer of hope was given in DC Rebirth only to be extinguished fairly quickly. With Infinite Frontier, however, we appear to have been returned to the happier days of the company. What were the highlights of DC Infinite Frontier #0?

Quick Take Topic: During the long life of comic books, many women have had an influential hand in the crafting of the art. Chandler and John give their top 3 women that helped shape their love of comics.

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