Hello, Brainstormites!
In order to bring you the best experience possibly, Brainstorm Comics and Gaming has been experimenting with two different online based subscription programs to give you more control over your pull list.
At first, we were going to use Diamond Comics system, but once DC was removed from it, we were unable to move forward with that one.
But fear not! 
We have found a replacement one that works just as well and still gives you the ability to adjust your subscription from the comfort of your own home. 
If you are already a subscriber, we’ve moved you over to it already.  Just call the store where you pick up your subscription (Frederick is 301-360-5843 and Walkersville is 301-304-2407) so we can update your email address. Once we have that, you’ll be able to begin a whole new way of subscribing.
If you aren’t a subscriber, we have you covered, too.  Simply click on the link below to register.  You can immediately start adding great reads to be held for you at either location.  Make sure you use the location drop down box to indicate where you want your books to be held.

Not only do you get to adjust your own subscriptions at your own leisure, but you will receive weekly emails letting you know what is being held in your box.

Brainstorm Comics and Gaming also curates an FOC list that we send out to subscribers, letting them know which books may be of interest to them.  What does this FOC list look like?  Click the link below to see the great information that is available to you.

That’s right, Brainstormites–Your choices, Your power.

And we have even more changes in the works.  Let us know what you think.


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