Dear Rosie, by Frederick natives Rachael Briner and Meghan Boehman

Are you ready to dive into the captivating world of Dear Rosie? Then mark your calendars for an unforgettable event at the C Burr Artz Library!

📅 Date: July 22nd
Time: 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

Discover the Story Behind the Story

Get ready to uncover the secrets and inspiration behind Dear Rosie directly from the talented creators themselves! Meghan Boehman and Rachael Briner will share their incredible journey into the realm of graphic novels and storytelling.

Break into the World of Graphic Novels

Learn how Meghan and Rachael broke into the dynamic and visually stunning medium of graphic novels. Their passion and dedication to their craft will ignite your own creative spark!

Journey into Warner Brothers Animation

Prepare to be amazed as Meghan and Rachael reveal their work with Warner Brothers Animation! Find out how they made their mark in the animation industry and brought some of your favorite characters to life on the small screen.

Your Golden Opportunity

Whether you’re an aspiring artist, a devoted fan, or simply curious about the creative process, this exclusive event is tailor-made for you! Join us at the C Burr Artz Library and be inspired by these incredible talents.

Don’t miss out on this chance to:

  • Immerse yourself in the world of Dear Rosie
  • Uncover the secrets behind their success
  • Learn from their journey into graphic novels
  • Marvel at their collaboration with Warner Brothers Animation

The Creators

Creators Rachael Briner and Meghan Boehman will discuss their just released Dear Rosie.


Rachael Briner is a comic and background artist for TV animation who has worked for studios such as Warner Bros. Animation, Bento Box Entertainment, and Starburns Industries. Also born and raised in Frederick, she now lives in Orange County, California, where she enjoys road-tripping and hiking with her husband, Van, and their rescued cattle dog, Libby. In her idle time closer to home, Rachael can be found thrifting, perfecting her baguettes, and struggling with novice sewing projects. Visit her online at and on Instagram at @RachaelBriner 


Meghan Boehman is a comic artist, writer, and background designer for TV Animation. Born and raised in Frederick, she now lives in Los Angeles where she has worked for many studios, including Warner Bros. Animation, Bento Box Entertainment, and Shadow Machine, and counts Teen Titans Go!, Animaniacs, and DC Super Hero Girls among her credits. When able to steal away from her drawing, Meghan likes to cook and arrange bentos with her husband and collaborator, Tom, tend her community garden plot, and get lost in the desert, not far from home. Visit her online at, on Instagram at @meghanboehman and on Twitter @BoehmanMeghan 

Be a Part of the Experience

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by! Join us on July 22nd from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm at the C Burr Artz Library. Prepare to be enthralled, inspired, and have your imagination ignited!

We can’t wait to welcome you to this extraordinary Q&A session. Get ready for an unforgettable experience that will leave you motivated and ready to pursue your own creative dreams!

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