The world of comic books has always been filled with dramatic twists and turns, surprising readers with unexpected events that challenge their perception of the superhero landscape. One such upcoming event has recently captured the attention of fans: the upcoming death of Ms. Marvel in Amazing Spider-Man #26. This revelation has sparked heated debates and divided opinions among comic book enthusiasts. In this treatise, we will explore the defense of Ms. Marvel’s impending demise, presenting two key arguments that shed light on the potential significance and impact of this development.

The impending death of Ms Marvel has stirred up the fanbase.

1. Rebirth on Krakoa: Bringing Ms. Marvel into the Mutant Realm

The first defense for the upcoming death of Ms. Marvel lies in the possibility of her rebirth as a mutant on Krakoa, the island nation depicted in the X-Men comics. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has placed a spotlight on the mutants, and integrating Ms. Marvel into this realm aligns her character with the current direction of the franchise.

The X-Men logo. Will Ms Marvel be reborn as a mutant after her death?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe Connection

With the immense success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), the studio has expanded its storytelling across various platforms, including films, television series, and comic books. The introduction of Kamala Khan as Ms. Marvel in the MCU has garnered significant attention, with her character resonating with audiences as Marvel’s first Muslim superhero. As the MCU explores the mutant narrative, it presents a unique opportunity to merge Ms. Marvel’s storyline with the X-Men.

Is Marvel trying to realign the comics and MCU with the death of Ms Marvel? Marvel Studios logo.

Elevating Ms. Marvel’s Stature as a Mutant

By embracing Ms. Marvel’s rebirth as a mutant on Krakoa, her character gains access to a rich and established mythology. This transformation can elevate her stature and provide new avenues for character development, storylines, and interactions with other prominent mutants. It opens the door for exciting team-ups, crossovers, and conflicts that captivate readers and expand the Marvel universe.

Bridging the X-Men and the Inhumans

One compelling aspect of Ms. Marvel becoming a mutant is her potential role as a bridge between the X-Men and the Inhumans. Historically, these two groups have had a complex relationship due to their differing origins and ideologies. With Ms. Marvel straddling both worlds, she can serve as a unifying force, fostering understanding and cooperation between the X-Men and the Inhumans. This dynamic could create captivating storylines and promote inclusivity within the Marvel universe.

The Inhumans and X-Men have been at odds for years.  Is the death of Ms Marvel the chance to bridge those differences?

2. Raising Awareness of the Inhumans through Ms. Marvel

The second defense centers around the awareness and visibility that Ms. Marvel’s death can bring to the Inhumans, a group of superhumans with diverse powers and origins. While the Inhumans have had their share of the spotlight in the comics, their presence in other media platforms, such as movies and TV shows, has been relatively limited.

The Inhumans could see their star rising with the death of Ms Marvel.

Expanding the Inhuman Mythology

By positioning Ms. Marvel as a bridge between the X-Men and the Inhumans, her death can be a catalyst for exploring the Inhuman mythology in greater depth. The Inhumans’ unique heritage and abilities can be showcased through Ms. Marvel’s story, generating intrigue and captivating readers who may be less familiar with this group.

Increased Interest and Readership

With the announcement of Ms. Marvel’s death in Amazing Spider-Man #26, Marvel has already generated significant buzz and attention from fans and the comic book community. This heightened interest can drive readership and encourage individuals to explore the broader Marvel universe, including the Inhumans’ extensive lore. It provides an opportunity for new fans to discover and appreciate the rich tapestry of characters and narratives within the comics.

Potential for Future Adaptations

The heightened awareness of the Inhumans resulting from Ms. Marvel’s death can also pave the way for their expanded presence in other media formats. With the Marvel Cinematic Universe continuously expanding and exploring new storylines, the Inhumans’ captivating mythology could be brought to life on the big screen or through television series. This increased exposure and visibility can ultimately lead to a broader appreciation and understanding of the Inhuman characters and their contributions to the Marvel universe.


The upcoming death of Ms. Marvel in Amazing Spider-Man #26 has sparked intense discussions among fans and comic book enthusiasts. While some may view it as a controversial decision, there are valid defenses for this narrative choice. The possibility of her resurrection as a mutant on Krakoa aligns her character with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, potentially opening doors for future storytelling opportunities. Additionally, by positioning her as a bridge between the X-Men and the Inhumans, her stature could be elevated, thereby raising awareness and interest in the Inhuman community. The impact of her death and subsequent rebirth has the potential to shape the future of the Marvel universe in profound and unexpected ways, leaving fans eager to see how this narrative unfolds.

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While the death of a character often signifies a permanent departure, the world of comic books is known for its resurrections and unexpected twists. Although the specifics surrounding Ms. Marvel's fate are yet to be revealed, it is possible that her death might not be the end of her story.

The release date for Amazing Spider-Man #26 is set for May 31st.

Yes, the death of Ms. Marvel adds another layer of contention to The Amazing Spider-Man series, which has already faced criticism for its portrayal of Peter Parker's personal life and superhero adventures.

The death of Ms. Marvel in Amazing Spider-Man #26 is a significant development for the character. It remains to be seen how her death will impact her standalone comic series and the subsequent storylines involving her.

Yes, Marvel has confirmed a one-shot comic titled "Fallen Friend: The Death of Ms. Marvel" that explores the aftermath of Ms. Marvel's demise. This special issue will be available for purchase on July 12th.

The connection between Ms. Marvel's comic book storyline and her portrayal in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is yet to be revealed. However, given the interconnected nature of Marvel's storytelling, it is possible that her comic book death may have implications for her character's future in other media adaptations.


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