Brainstorm Comics and Gaming is having a little fun with the comic book investing portion of the hobby. Originally there were going to be four of us, but the problems of coordinating the availability of all parties was difficult so we have reduced it down to two.

For the first episode, each participant was given $500 to invest in any comics they felt were undervalued or had the potential to rise in value. As you will see, Tim and John (our two investors) have different approaches to where to put their money. Over subsequent episodes, the two will be given $200 every other week. That money can be used to purchase more comics, clean and press their books, grade their books or sell their books.

Our goal is to move up to bigger keys as we sell our investments. The list of objectives will be provided here shortly.

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In the first episode, we had Jason and his son Jake join us for the video series. Each had different approaches to how to take on comic book investing.


For John’s initial comic book investing, he targeted ones he felt were safe but have long term potential to grow.

  • Batman 475 (newsstand edition) — 1st Renee Montoya — $20
  • Detective 523, 524, 525 — Killer Croc early appearances — $95
  • Batman 357 — early Killer Croc — $101
  • Batman 359 — early Killer Croc — $35
  • Detective 525 (Mark Jewelers variant) — $108
  • Detective 583 (newsstand edition) — 1st Ventriloquist and Scarface — $42
  • Green Lantern (3rd series) 82 – 83 — 1st Fatality — $15
  • Marvel Age 2 — Alpha Flight preview — $17
  • Marvel Age 6 — Beta Ray Bill preview / Back cover Spider-Ham — $35
  • Marvel Age 7 — Spider-Ham preview — $15
  • Marvel Age 31 — Thundercats preview — $15

John took 15 different books for a total of $499.


Tim is a big time DC fan so that he is sticking to that category for his comic book investing.

  • Teen Titans 49 (1st series) — 1st Bumblebee cover — $10
  • Justice League 31 — 1st full Jessica Cruz — $200
  • Green Lantern Corps 201 (newsstand) — 1st Kilowog — $75
  • Action Comics 521 — 1st Vixen — $50
  • JLA 6 — 1st Zauriel — $5
  • Superman: Lois and Clark 8 — 1st Jon Kent as Superboy — $30
  • Justice League of America 107 — Golden Age characters 1st DC appearances — $14

Tim took 7 books for a total of $384.


Two weeks after the initial video, Tim and John got together once again for some comic book investing. Each were given an additional $200 to put money into comics they think are undervalued. One of them broke the budget this week.


John went with multiples of the same book on this episode, including some books he was not aware of until fairly recently.

  • New Age Comics 1 along with Doomsday Squad 3 — 1st in color TMNT (ad on back cover) and 1st in color Usagi Yojimbo story — $42
  • New Age Comics 1 — 1st in color Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (ad on back cover) — $48
  • New Age Comics 1 — 1st in color Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (ad on back cover) — $35
  • 4x Doomsday Squad 3 — 1st in color Usagi Yojimbo story — $34
  • 3x Robins 1 — 1st original Robin (before Dick Grayson) — $12
  • Doctor Strange 1 (5th series — 1:50 Kevin Nowlan variant) — 1st Zelma Stanton — $50

Twelve books were added to John’s comic book investing portfolio for a total of $221. He exceeded his budget by a little.


Tim continues on his DC rampage for his portfolio. With that in mind, he also sticks to his strategy of keeping some money set aside in case something pops up that he wants later on.

  • Teen Titans 48 (1st series) CGC 9.4 — 1st appearance of Bumblebee — $94
  • Adventure Comics 352 — 1st appearance of Fatal Five — $50

Two DC books were added for Tim at a total of $144.


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Thank you for watching!

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