We are now to #18 on our list of forgotten Batman villains. The next one has some familiarity in pop culture due to popping up throughout different iterations of Batman media. He is the underappreciated and somehow forgotten Batman villain King Tut!

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The Birth of King Tut

The Batman live action show from the 1960s gave us many great memories. But it also contribute the forgotten Batman villain King Tut.

The Origin Story

King Tut, a fascinating character in the Batman universe, is an Egyptologist plagued by a split personality disorder. This enigmatic villain’s story began when William McElroy, a professor of Egyptology, suffered a traumatic head injury, which led to his belief that he was the reincarnation of the legendary pharaoh Tutankhamun.

The Debut in the Batman 1966 Show

Created by Earl Barret, Robert C. Dennis and Charles R. Rondeau, King Tut first appeared in Batman live action show, airing in 1966. The episode was entitled “The Curse of Tut,” with This unique villain captivated the audience with his sinister charm and intellect, using his vast knowledge of ancient Egypt to commit crimes and challenge the Dark Knight. He wouldn’t make his comic book debut until much later in 2009’s Batman Confidential #26.

The forgotten Batman villain makes his comic book debut in the page of Batman Confidential #26.

The Infamous Batman TV Series

King Tut’s Portrayal

The Batman TV series of the 1960s introduced King Tut, with actor Victor Buono masterfully bringing the character to life. Buono’s portrayal of King Tut was a perfect blend of menace and humor, making him a fan favorite among the show’s colorful cast of villains.

Memorable Moments

Some of King Tut’s most memorable moments from the TV series include his elaborate schemes, such as the time he tried to take over Gotham City by stealing the Batmobile or when he attempted to control the minds of the city’s citizens using a powerful Egyptian artifact.

The Split Personality Disorder

Psychology Behind the Character

King Tut’s character is deeply rooted in the concept of a split personality disorder, also known as dissociative identity disorder. This mental condition is characterized by the presence of two or more distinct personality states within the same individual. For King Tut, his alter ego’s belief in being the reincarnation of Tutankhamun drives him to commit heinous crimes.

The Reincarnation Belief

The belief in reincarnation, a fundamental aspect of King Tut’s character, adds an intriguing layer of mysticism to the Batman mythos. This belief fuels his obsession with ancient Egypt and its powerful artifacts, which he often employs in his criminal activities.

King Tut’s Ancient Egypt Knowledge

The Authenticity of Tutankhamun’s Legacy

King Tut’s knowledge of ancient Egypt is vast and authentic. He is well-versed in the history, culture, and customs of the ancient civilization. This expertise makes him a formidable adversary for Batman, as he uses this information to concoct elaborate schemes that are rooted in historical facts and mysteries.

How the Knowledge Fuels His Crimes

Forgotten Batman villain King Tut’s obsession with ancient Egypt not only shapes his identity but also drives him to commit crimes that are both cunning and historically inspired. He frequently employs ancient Egyptian artifacts and symbols in his plots, like the Sphinx’s riddle or the mystique surrounding the pyramids, to challenge Batman and the citizens of Gotham.

The Legacy of King Tut in the Batman Universe

Influence on Later Batman Stories

The introduction of King Tut to the Batman universe has had a lasting impact on subsequent storylines and characters. His cunning intellect, knowledge of ancient Egypt, and dual personality have inspired other villains and story arcs. This unique mix of characteristics has made King Tut an enduring figure in the world of Batman and comic books.

Impact on Pop Culture

The Return of King Tut

King Tut’s popularity in the 1960s Batman TV series has led to his return in various forms of media, including comic books, animated series, and even video games. This timeless character has captured the hearts and imaginations of fans for generations, solidifying his place as the beloved although forgotten Batman villain King Tut.

The Legacy of the Batman TV Series

The Batman TV series of the 1960s holds a special place in pop culture history, not only for its campy and fun approach to the superhero genre but also for its memorable villains like King Tut. This show introduced a whole new generation to the world of Batman and created an enduring legacy that continues to inspire and entertain fans even today.


King Tut is a captivating character who blends elements of history, mysticism, and psychology. His split personality disorder and belief in being the reincarnation of Tutankhamun bring depth and complexity to his role as a villain in the Batman universe. His expertise in ancient Egypt allows him to craft intricate crimes that challenge the Dark Knight and keep readers engaged. The impact of King Tut on both the Batman mythos and pop culture is undeniable, proving that this character’s legacy will continue to captivate fans for generations to come.


Created by Earl Barret, Robert C. Dennis and Charles R. Rondeau, King Tut first appeared in Batman live action show, airing in 1966.

King Tut's split personality disorder results from a traumatic head injury, which led him to believe he is the reincarnation of the pharaoh Tutankhamun.

King Tut employs ancient Egyptian artifacts, symbols, and historical facts in his criminal plots to challenge Batman and the citizens of Gotham City.

No, King Tut would later make his comics debut in Batman Confidential #26.

King Tut's unique mix of intellect, knowledge of ancient Egypt, and dual personality has had a lasting impact on subsequent Batman storylines and characters, inspiring new villains and story arcs.

Thank you for reading this installment of the top 20 forgotten Batman villains. As you can see, King Tut deserves a much better fate than the dustbin of dollar bin back issues. Join us tomorrow when we move on to #17. What do you think of the list so far? Who do you expect to see?

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