That’s right, FNM (Friday Night Magic) is back!

And what better way to get this party started right than with the introduction of Modern Horizons 2, the straight money set, for Friday Night Magic.

We are going to be doing drafts at $36 which will add one pack into the prize pool for each participant.  Yes, the draft is pricey, but if you’ve seen the available cards, you know the payoff is worth it!

The draft begins at 7 pm in our Walkersville location.

In addition to the draft, the new products will be available at both the Frederick and Walkersville, Maryland locations.  The prices are as follows:

BUNDLE = $90

This set has some ridiculous fire in it.  You aren’t going to want to miss out!

In addition to all of that greatness, as a “thank you” to the customers who are returning to their Local Gaming Shops, Wizards of the Coast produced a special foil promo card of Fabled Passage for those who spend $50 or more.  This is what that beautiful piece of cardboard looks like….

fabled passage retro border magic the gathering promo

A card like that will look great in any Magic collectors collection. Don’t miss your opportunity to add it to yours this weekend.

Also stay tuned for some awesome announcements about our Adventures in Forgotten Realms pre-release. Dungeons and Dragons fans will be excited along with their Magic counterparts. There’s so much excitement in the air, even our gaming room may not be able to contain it all!

We hope to see you this Friday in our Walkersville location for some drafting fun.

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