Friday night (magic) just got a lot more interesting.

For those who participate in the next two weeks of Friday Night Magic (and stay throughout the whole night), players will receive both a copy of LOTUS BLOOM and FABLED PASSAGE–while supplies last!

They will be distributed on a first come, first serve basis at the end of the second Friday event.  We have enough to give 14 players both cards and 6 more players the Fabled Passage.  The names of the players will be taken down as they arrive on the first and second night.  Distribution will be determined by the order of arrival on the second Friday, however.

August 27th is the first FNM and will be a chaos draft.  Cost will be $15 with one and a half (1.5) packs in prize support.

The second FNM will be September 3rd and will be a commander night.  The cost will be $5 with a one and a half (1.5) packs in prize support.

Come sling some spells and get some cool promos all at the same time.

And that leads into our relaunching of Sunday Commander at the Walkersville location.  This will begin on September 5th.  All of you Magic players who have missed the fun of Commander should keep an eye out for that.


Plus, we have the Mystery Convention Booster Boxes in stock at our Walkersville, Maryland location.  We are only selling these are booster boxes and they are priced at $300 .  There are only three of these in stock so you need to act quickly.

So stop by our Walkersville, Maryland location for Friday Night Magic starting August 26th!

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