We will be closing the doors at end of business today October 22nd. Our hope is that this is a short term situation of no more than a week to four weeks. Unfortunately, over the last couple of years, we fell behind on a couple of things we need to get a handle on. Once we do, we will be able to reopen.

In the meantime, we are running a sale that we hope you come out to support. Every day is a pleasure to come to work, not just because of the amazing hobbies we get to be a part of, but because of the people who bubble with enthusiasm over them. That’s what makes the job so great.

The sale is as follows:

35% off games (board games, tabletop games, roleplaying books, miniatures of all kinds, and dice) Magic and Pokemon products are not a part of this sale.

40% off back issues, manga and graphic novels

It’s a great time to support Brainstorm Comics and Gaming in Frederick, Maryland while also saving some money.

We hope to see you there!


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