“Don’t be sad it’s over; be happy it happened.”

Those words are ones that mean a lot to us, especially as we made the very difficult decision in closing down our Walkersville location.  The experience is more important than any other aspect of our lives.  And don’t worry–the Frederick location is staying open.

We made some great new friends in the location, but the fight against the state of the economy and the continuing effects of the pandemic meant it made more sense to pull back to one store in the current environment.

All of the subscriptions that were being held at Walkersville will be moved down to our Frederick location as of this week.

We will be open for back issue purchases out of Walkersville location until the end of the year.  Please call 301-304-2407 prior to making the drive because we will be packing many things up and transporting them during this time as well.

In order to reduce the amount we have to move, we are running a back issue sale out of Walkersville location–75% off of the comics.  Now is a great time to either start a collection or fill in those gaps to your already existing one.

We will also be posting bookshelves, display cases and the like that we will be getting rid of.

Thank you to everyone who made the journey with us in the Walkersville store.  And don’t worry.  We have some plans for 2023 that we hope will make the store even better than it already is.


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