Hey there, fellow comic fan! Brainstorm Comics and Gaming wants to know: ever noticed how cats claw their way into comics? As International Cat Day approaches on August 8th, we’re diving into those fur-tastic cat and cat-related characters. Let’s celebrate our furry friends and their iconic comic appearances!

The Purr-fect Superheroes

1. Catwoman: Feline Femme Fatale

The epitome of International Cat Day in comics--the one-of-a-kind Selina Kyle's Catwoman by superstar artist Sozomaika

Who can forget Selina Kyle? Batman’s sometimes foe, sometimes flame. With her whip and sleek suit, she’s stolen more than just jewels.

2. Black Cat: Marvel’s Cat Burglar

Black Cat is having a ball......of yarn.  Skottie Young is at his best when having fun. This Marvel character was an obvious inclusion for International Cat Day.

Not to be confused with Catwoman! Felicia Hardy swings around the Marvel universe. Luck’s on her side, but trouble’s always tailing her.

3. Streaky the Supercat: Kryptonian Kitty

The super-pet Streaky the Supercat is the purfect balance to Krypto.

Superman’s pet? Yep, he’s got one! Streaky’s a cat with Kryptonian powers. Think about it. A flying cat? That’s just awesome!

4. Hellcat: Mystic Marvel Mouser

Hellcat is following Black Cat's lead in this Skottie Young cover.  International Cat Day just keeps rolling.

Patsy Walker dons a suit that grants psychic abilities. From sensing danger to crossing dimensions, she’s the cat’s meow!

5. Lion-Mane: DC’s Ferocious Feline


Not all cat characters are good. Lion-Mane’s a villain in the DC universe. Watch out for those claws!

When Cats Inspire: Heroes with Feline Attributes

Just because they’re not cats doesn’t mean they’re not inspired by them!

  • Beast Boy: Shape-shifting DC hero. Sometimes, he’s a fierce tiger!
  • Vixen: Channels animal spirits. And yes, that includes big cats!
  • Tigra: Half-woman, half-tigress. A Marvel superheroine who’s truly wild!

FAQ: Quick Cat Queries Answered

Well, some do get resurrected. But that's comics for ya!

The Pet Avengers feature several animals, including cats!

"Catwoman" or "Black Cat" series. Both showcase feline finesse brilliantly!

Why Do We Love Cat Characters?

Let’s face it. Cats rule the internet, our homes, and our hearts. It’s no surprise they’re making their mark in comic books. They’re mysterious, agile, and independent. Just like our favorite superheroes!


As we celebrate International Cat Day on August 8th, let’s raise our comics in toast! Here’s to all the cat and cat-related characters who’ve made our reading adventures purr-fectly delightful. Whether you’re a DC devotee, a Marvel maniac, or just someone who can’t resist a cute cat, there’s a feline hero or villain waiting for you. So, let’s turn those pages and let the catventures begin!

Happy International Cat Day, comic book fans! May your day be filled with feline fun and fantasy! Remember, as we always say at Brainstorm Comics and Gaming in Frederick, Maryland: YOUR COLLECTION STARTS HERE.

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