Casual players, are you tired of showing up to Friday Night Magic (FNM) only to run into a far more competitive player that makes the game much less fun?

Do you just want to play a couple of rounds of Magic while seeing some new cards and meeting some new people?

Brainstorm Comics and Gaming is starting a new initiative for our in-store Magic playing starting October 8th, 2021 with our FNM.

Every player still gets three packs.  We are still drafting.  But the cost and prize structure are changing.
The cost to participate in our Friday Night Magic is lowering from $15 to the new price of $12.  You still get 3 packs for drafting, but the prize pool is lowering from 1.5 packs per entrant down to 1 pack.
In order to help facilitate a more casual environment and less competitive one, we are drastically changing the payout.  First place will receive two packs and second place will receive one.  We do believe that those who win should be compensated for it, but not at the cost of fun of everyone else.

The remainder of the prizes will be awarded based on player vote for categories like: Most fun to play Most engaging Most helpful Creating a fun environment Depending on how many people we have and prize packs in the prize pool, we will add more categories for full prize payout.
On Sundays, we will be doing Commander and Kitchen Tabletop Magic.  That’s right–we want to bring the Kitchen Table experience into the store.  Cost for these events will be $3 with one pack thrown into the prize pool for prize support.
Every card is playable.  Every card matters.

You spent good money that you worked hard to get and those cards shouldn’t be unplayable at the whim of Wizards of the Coast or Hasbro.  The normal rules apply regarding making a deck in terms of the following: decks must be 60 cards only 4 ofs permitted of a single non-basic land cards permitted in the deck Otherwise, make a deck and have fun.

The prize structure is the same as our FNM, but we will add categories extra categories to the mix.

Games start at 12:30 on Sundays.

So let’s change the environment together and get Magic: The Gathering back to introducing new players in a way that doesn’t scare them away.

We hope you’ll join us in making the change!

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