Before getting to the next auction, Brainstorm and Jaybird would like to thank each and everyone of you for the support you showed in the December auction.  It was greatly appreciated and helped toward our goal of reopening the store.  Many Brainstorm customers showed up.  An update regarding our progress will be provided this week.

For now, though, we want to focus on January 18th, the date the next auction is going live.

That’s right, Brainstorm Comics and Gaming is partnering with local auction house Jaybird Auctions once again!

Some people mentioned to us that they forgot about it when the date arrived.  Again, if you think that might be the case, either set a reminder in your phone or place your bids ahead of time. You can bid on the items now by clicking on the link below.  The final bidding will be on the January 18th date, though.

In the auction are graded books, board games, Heroclix, and more!

Most of the items we have are posted with the Brainstorm logo on the picture for you to easily find.  Or you can use the search function using the word “Brainstorm” to help you separate out the items.

In addition to this great news, we are working with Jaybird for a Brainstorm only auction In March.  As details become more solidified, we’ll be providing them to you.


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