Midnight Release for new Theros set: Thursday, September 26th

NEW Theros Boosters $3.33/pack!

No need to buy a box to get box prices at Brainstorm Comics & Gaming! Starting Thursday, September 26th at midnight we will have the new Magic the Gathering Theros booster packs on sale. Be the first to stand among heroes!
Booster Packs
Theros features 249 black-bordered cards, including randomly inserted premium versions of all cards in the set. Theros is available in booster packs, intro packs, and fat packs.
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Event Deck

The Theros Event Deck comes with a spindown life counter, a strategy guide, and deck box.

  • Inspiring Heroics  
    • 25 lands, 22 creatures, & 13 other spells   
Intro Packs

Each of the five Theros Intro Packs comes with a ready-to-play sixty-card deck featuring a foil premium rare card, two sealed fifteen-card booster packs, a strategy insert, and a Magic “learn to play” guide.
  • Favors from Nyx 
    • 25 lands, 22 creatures, & 13 other spells   
  • Manipulative Monstrosities
    • 26 lands, 18 creatures, & 16 other spells
  • Devotion to Darkness
    • 225 lands, 20 creatures, & 15 other spells
  • Blazing Beasts of Myth
    • 25 lands, 22 creatures, & 13 other spells
  • Anthousa’s Army
    • 25 lands, 20 creatures, & 15 other spells  
Fat Pack

The Theros Fat Pack contains:

  • Player’s Guide with complete visual encyclopedia
  • Theros card box
  • Nine Theros booster packs
  • Eighty-card basic land pack
  • Special edition Spindown life counter
  • Two deck boxes
 Magic The Gathering Theros
Stand Among Heroes

Heliod by Jaime Jones


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