Nemesis back in stock! Featured prominently on the top ten list, this is a game that is a must have for every board gamer.  It is a great mix of Betrayal at House on the Hill with the Alien movie franchise.  Our distributors finally had in back in stock so we heavily ordered for both locations.  But due to the demand for this game, we don’t expect them to last long.

We also have two expansions for the base game–Voidseers and Carnomorphs.

Get yours today from either Brainstorm Comics and Gaming location–Frederick, Maryland or Walkersville, Maryland. Don’t forget to join our email list so you don’t miss any announcements about what Brainstorm Comics and Gaming has coming up.

Not only do we have Nemesis back in stock, but several other great games. Stop by either location for some of the best board games available!

We hope to see you soon.

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