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Space Marine Codex

A massive 176 pages, this full-color, hardcover codex includes:

  • Origin of the Space Marines
  • Detailed history of the Ultramarines, White Scars, Imperial Fists, Salamanders, Raven Guard, and Iron Hands Chapters, & their successors.
  • The Adeptus Astartes
  • Armoury of the Space Marines
  • Defenders of humanity
  • The Emperor’s Sword
Space Marine Tactical Squad

This plastic kit contains 179 components with which to make a 10 man Space Marine Tactical Squad. Includes:
  • New heads, arms, legs, & torsos
  • additional componentsSeveral marks of armor
  • additional components4 special weapons
  • 4 combi-weapon options
  • missile launcher with missile rack backpack
  • plus, additional components
Space Marine Sternguard Veteran Squad

Features 108 components, all of which are compatible with other plastic kits in the Space Marine range.
  • 5 different pairs of legs
  • 6 individual torso fronts
  • 13 unique heads
  • 5 unique backpacks
Space Marine Vanguard Veteran Squad

Includes enough parts to build a set of elite assault troops and still have plenty of bits left over for conversions.
Space Marine Stalker/Hunter
There are also two new tanks – the Hunter and the Stalker, both of which are dedicated anti-aircraft vehicles.

Space Marine Centurion Squad
A new unit for the Space Marines armies. This 3 man kit makes either the Centurion Devastator or Assault variant.

Choose eitherdestructive long-range weaponry that includes the fearsome grav-cannon or go to war with siege drills and close-range guns.
Space Marine Captain & Librarian

The Captain comes armed with a combi-grav gun and a power sword.
The Librarian is a grizzled warrior armed with a force staff and accompanied into battle by a creepy cherub.

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