The Brainstorm Comics and Gaming experience isn’t just about your enjoying the comics and games you purchase here; it’s also about fostering that sense of community and love of the hobby in other ways. With that in mind, we started doing our superhero trivia challenge for First Saturday in our downtown Frederick location. If you get the answers correct, you can win a gift certificate or other assorted prizes.

For November, we had several participants winning gift cards and “Your Collection Starts Here” gift boxes full of comics to get your collection started! If you’re in the Frederick area, you have to stop by Brainstorm Comics and Gaming to see what you’ve been missing.

Check out all of the trivia videos from October and November here.

We are also considering a Superhero Trivia Bowl. If you’re interested in something like that, let us know on the social media of your choice. You don’t follow us? Now’s the perfect opportunity!






So stop by this weekend for lots of fun, lots of questions and hopefully lots of answers in our superhero trivia. See why YOUR COLLECTION STARTS HERE.

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