1400 Feet of Dedicated Play Space

When John and Eva were looking for space for a 2nd location, an expanded play area was at the top of the requirements list. The goal is to not only have Brainstorm serve as your one stop shop for all your comics and gaming purchases but to be a destination for the community to come together to play. Walkersville offers 1400 square feet of gaming space in a dedicated play area. This includes tables for war gaming (warhammer) and card, board and your favorite RPG games.

While COVID may have slowed things down we continue to make improvements and plan for a day when play goes back to normal. Check out this video for some of the safety precautions we’re taking during COVID to help you get your game fix.

Table Reservations

As we continue to move forward with reopening our play space (as local regulations allow) we have begun taking reservations for our gaming tables. Currently customers are able to reserve our war gaming / Warhammer tables (for 1 vs 1 play) and a limited number of tables are also available for magic card games. (We hope to have a safe system for Commander, D&D and Board Games soon)

As we continue to reopen and improve the play experience we have also decided to implement a reservation and fee system for tables. A fee of $10.00 per table per two hour block will be collected for table reservations and use. This fee allows us to better support and maintain the play space while covering our operating costs including the extra supplies needed during COVID. For more information you can call the Walkersville location at: (301) 304-2407 You can also check out our new reservation system below.

We require all players using the play space to adhere to these rules:

  • Players are required to wear masks at all times (In accordance with best practices and current local regulations.)
  • Players must maintain proper social distancing. (6 ft) as per local regulations and we are limiting play to 1 v 1.
  • Players are asked to clean up after themselves and return the play area to it’s original state.