Storm Chasers! Lots of great things are happening and are on the immediate docket to make your Brainstorm Comics and Gaming experience even better!  For instance, we just posted the first two rounds of our SUPERHERO DRAFT! which you can find on our YouTube channel RIGHT NOW!  Scroll to the bottom of this email to be taken directly to that video.

If you haven’t checked out our YouTube channel, we humbly ask that you please LCS (Like, Comment and Subscribe) to Brainstorm Comics and Gaming’s, your LCS’s (Local Comic Shop’s), YouTube channel.

We are close to hitting some milestones and we want you to be a part of them.  At some point this week we will have had 6,000 views of the content we’ve provided on YouTube.  The number of subscribers to the channel currently sits at 139, so we are drawing nearer to 150.  We know that isn’t large compared to some other channels, but we’re proud of what we’ve accomplished so far and the support being shown by our customers.

Before we get to that, though, today is the Happiest Day of the Week–otherwise known as New Comic Book Day. We’ve renamed The High Five to be The Storm Watch, a video series where we highlight three books each from DC, independent and Marvel that we think you should pay particular attention to on the new release wall.

Click the link below in order to watch the video to see our recommendations. The video will be available for viewing at 9 am this morning.

You can also check out the staff recommendations for the week by clicking on the Eye of the Storm button, otherwise known as our staff selections.


EYE OF THE STORM (Logo coming soon):


Click the button below to see the list of the books on our shelves next week.

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It doesn’t cost anything to become a subscriber and we have no minimum amount of books you need on your subscription list.

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If you love to hear more about comics, check out John and co-host Chandler on this week’s Turning the Page.  The dynamic duo will be covering a wide array of topics that will appeal to comic fans of all degrees. 

Here’s what was discussed this week’s abbreviated TURNING THE PAGE:

1) Which characters need a bigger spotlight to move to the next level of greatness?

2) Are we in a market bubble?

To watch the video, click the link below.  As mentioned above, please show your support by LCS (Liking, Commenting and Subscribing) to Brainstorm Comics and Gaming’s, your LCS’s (Local Comic Shop’s), YouTube channel.

This week we are also doing our inaugural SUPERHERO DRAFT!

What is a superhero draft? Well, Brainstorm Comics and Gaming got together eight comic books fans to draft what they believed to be the best superhero team they could. This was done over 8 rounds in a snake draft format. The rules were the characters selected had to be a superhero or a superhero headquarters and each character could only be selected once.

Our General Managers went in all different directions in order to craft the perfect roster. But at the end of the day, there can only be one who chose the best superhero team.

Who was that?

That will be determined by YOU! We want you to select different scenarios through which we will put the different teams. Then the viewers and customers will select who they think would succeed in that mission.

We’re hoping you enjoy watching it as much as we had in putting it together.

In order to view the first two rounds of the draft, click on the button below. We will have the draft analysis up on Sunday May 2nd followed by round three on Monday May 3rd.

As always, thank you for making Brainstorm Comics and Gaming a part of your week. We appreciated everything you do for the store.

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