Who came first? It’s like the timeless question of the chicken or the egg. But today, we aren’t talking poultry. We’re diving deep into the fascinating world of comic characters, specifically two beloved anti-heroes: Deathstroke and Deadpool. Let’s unpack this, shall we?

Deathstroke (Slade Wilson): Fact: Deathstroke is often regarded as one of the deadliest assassins in the DC Universe. He’s skilled enough to take on multiple superheroes simultaneously and even once defeated the entire Justice League!

Deadpool (Wade Wilson): Fact: Deadpool is famously known for breaking the fourth wall, meaning he often speaks directly to the readers or acknowledges that he’s a character in a comic book, making him one of the most self-aware characters in the Marvel Universe.



Deathstroke and Deadpool are two of the most iconic anti-heroes from the comic book world, and while they have striking similarities, their origins and histories are unique. Let’s dive into a comparison of their origins.

Deathstroke (Slade Wilson) – DC Comics


  • Military Background: Slade Wilson was a soldier who enlisted in the U.S. Army at an early age. Displaying an aptitude for combat, he was quickly promoted and eventually selected for a secret experiment designed to create super-soldiers.
  • Enhanced Abilities: The experiment gave him enhanced physical and mental capabilities, including increased strength, agility, endurance, and an accelerated healing factor. It also provided him with heightened reflexes and the ability to use up to 90% of his brain capacity.
  • Becoming Deathstroke: Personal tragedy and the complexities of his profession as a mercenary hardened him. He adopted the moniker “Deathstroke the Terminator” and became one of the world’s greatest assassins and mercenaries.
  • Family Ties: Slade’s complex relationships with his family, especially with his children Ravager (Grant Wilson) and Jericho (Joseph Wilson), play a significant role in his story arcs.



Deadpool (Wade Wilson) – Marvel Comics

Origin: Deadpool, whose real name is Wade Wilson, was introduced in The New Mutants #98 in 1991. He was created by Fabian Nicieza and Rob Liefeld.


  • Mercenary Life: Wade Wilson was originally a mercenary. Before he became Deadpool, he took on tasks that required his unique skill set, but things took a turn when he was diagnosed with terminal cancer.
  • Department K & Weapon X: To cure his cancer, Wade was approached by Department K, a special weapons development branch of the Canadian government and an offshoot of the Weapon X program. They offered him a cure in the form of an experimental procedure.
  • Regenerative Healing Power: The procedure didn’t go smoothly, but Wade ended up with a powerful regenerative healing factor (derived from Wolverine) that cured his cancer and allowed him to recover from almost any injury. However, this healing factor also severely disfigured his appearance.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: Unlike many characters, Deadpool is aware that he’s a fictional character in a comic book, leading to unique, humorous interactions with readers.
  • Nickname “Merc with a Mouth”: Deadpool is known for his talkative nature, constant banter, and dark humor, which earned him the nickname.



  • Names: Both characters share the surname “Wilson,” which is no coincidence. Deadpool’s creation was, in many ways, an inside joke, playing off Deathstroke’s name and character traits.

  • Healing Abilities: Both characters have regenerative healing powers, making them formidable in combat.

  • Mercenary Background: Both started their careers as mercenaries but have different motivations and methods.

  • Tone: While Deathstroke’s stories are more serious and revolve around his mercenary work and complex family dynamics, Deadpool’s narratives are characterized by humor, meta-commentary, and breaking the fourth wall.

In summary, while Deathstroke and Deadpool have superficial similarities and shared traits, their backgrounds, motivations, and character developments are distinct, offering comic fans a rich tapestry of stories from both DC and Marvel universes.



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Also rumored to be the inspiration behind Deadpool 3.


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