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Today is Wednesday, affectionately designated the Happiest Day of the Week here at The Storm.  Welcome to this week’s newsletter here to inform you of not only the hot books of the week but the great reads that you’ll kick yourself for missing if you forget to pick them up this week.

As we have been the past few weeks, we are once again running a raffle for those who visit the STAFF PICKS.  Enter for your chance at winning next week picks.  The drawing will be on Monday November 23rd.
This week’s winner is Matt Piersall! You will be receiving this week’s picks absolutely free, courtesy of Brainstorm Comics and Gaming.
Don’t be jealous of Matt’s good fortune–you have the opportunity EVERY week to enter to win our employee picks.  We will cover how to enter at the bottom of this email.


Click the button below to see the list of the books on our shelves this week.

Every week, dozens and dozens of great new books hit the wall in both our Frederick and Walkersville locations, but some we order more tightly than others. We want you to be able to get the books you want, so be sure to become a subscriber.

It doesn’t cost anything to become a subscriber and we have no minimum amount of books you need on your subscription list.

It’s a great opportunity to find a quality read you didn’t expect. And, if you’re a subscriber, you get it for 20% off!

If you don’t already have a subscription, be sure to sign up by clicking the button below. You’ll get these amazing deals every time you buy at Brainstorm Comics and Gaming:

20% off new comics
20% off back issues
20% off graphic novels
10% off board games
10% off graded books

Be sure to stay up to date by clicking the link below to see what AWESOMENESS has hit the shelves.

If you don’t see a book on our shelves, let us know so we can order it for you.


It’s Wednesday and that means John, Chandler, Jason and Jake have put their collective heads together to provide you a primer on the must read books on the shelves to truly make this THE HAPPIEST DAY OF THE WEEK.

With such diversity on the wall, it was practically a given that the picks from Chandler, Jake, Jason and John would be equally diverse.

You don’t want to get home only to realize that you left the next great read up on the wall.

Click the button below see our picks.

Don’t forget to enter our raffle to win next week’s employee picks. Click the link below to see the ways you can enter the raffle. Free books–what could be better?

The next winner will be selected November 23rd.


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