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Here is your weekly email going over the new releases and the staff picks for this week.  Don’t miss out on some great books.

In addition, we are running a raffle for those who visit the STAFF PICKS.  Enter for your chance at winning next week picks.  The drawing is on Tuesday.

Last week’s winner was Jason Butler! You will be receiving this week’s employee’s picks absolutely free. 

Don’t be jealous of Jason’s good luck–you have the opportunity EVERY week to enter to win our employee picks.  We will cover how to enter at the bottom of this email.


Some big books are hitting the shelves this week.  We do have a word of warning regarding Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Last Ronin #1.  The book was allocated by Diamond and IDW so we have very limited quantities and they are priced at $25.  There will be a second printing in a couple weeks.  If a book is on your list by the Final Order Cutoff date (our final opportunity as a store to adjust our orders), you will get the book at cover price as always.  If it is placed afterwards, the price may be higher based on the market price. 

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If you don’t see a book on our shelves, let us know so we can order it for you.


It’s another Wednesday and that means John, Chandler, Jason and Jake have put their collective heads together to provide you a primer on the must read books on the shelves to truly make this THE HAPPIEST DAY OF THE WEEK.

You don’t want to get home only to realize that you left the next great read up on the wall.

Click the button below see our picks.

Don’t forget to enter our raffle to win next week’s employee picks.  Click the link below to see the ways you can enter the raffle.  Free books–what could be better?

The next winner will be selected November 3rd.
As always, thank you for reading.  It is greatly appreciated.

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