Storm Chasers! It is time to dive in this week’s hot new comics for August 4th.

It’s the (day after the) happiest day of the week! One of the best ways to ensure new comic book day doesn’t turn into a tragedy is to know which books to look for on the new release wall this Wednesday. Here at Brainstorm Comics and Gaming, we know you work very hard for you money and don’t want to buy a book that turns out not to be to your tastes. That is why we provide you this weekly list–to help you find the right books for you.


For those of you who are new to The Storm Watch, it is where we select 3 comics from DC, independents and Marvel that we think you should pay particular attention to on the Happiest Day of the Week. We also recommend that you check out The Eye of the Storm to see what comics our employees have their eyes on this week.

This week we fell behind schedule so you won’t be punished by having to see John this week. The video is solely focused on the comics.


And of course, we’d like you to peruse the full list of releases this week to see if we missed anything that might appeal to you.


John and co-host Chris Love are here this week for a discussion regarding the hot topics that are plaguing the comic book community. This week we have two videos for you since we didn’t put our email last week (sorry about that).

For the first video, we discuss…..

  • the return of Ben Reilly and his new costume
  • the sale of CGC and its parent company
  • Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) books selling for decent money ahead of release
  • Stump John

In the second video we discuss….

  • Otis sold a 9.2 copy of X-men #1 for $200,000+
  • vampires and zombies are taking over the DCU
  • the trend of Local Comic Shop’s (LCSs) pricing books at the counter
  • aspects of comics that make us go “hmmm.”


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As we keep saying, we have a lot of videos in the works that we think you’ll enjoy. We want you to be part of the ride. Hopefully you enjoyed our review of this week’s hot new comics.

Thank you reading.

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