Storm Chasers! It is time to dive in this week’s hot new comics for November 17th.

It’s the (day after the) happiest day of the week! One of the best ways to ensure new comic book day doesn’t turn into a tragedy is to know which books to look for on the new release wall this Wednesday. Here at Brainstorm Comics and Gaming, we know you work very hard for you money and don’t want to buy a book that turns out not to be to your tastes. That is why we provide you this weekly list–to help you find the right books for you.


Brainstorm Comics and Gaming crew has a diverse range of tastes. Look over our picks for the week and you’re sure to find a book that appeals to you!

And let us know what book made the top of your stack!


For those of you who are new to The Storm Watch, it is where we select 3 comics from DC, independents and Marvel that we think you should pay particular attention to on the Happiest Day of the Week. We also recommend that you check out The Eye of the Storm to see what comics our employees have their eyes on this week.


And of course, we’d like you to peruse the full list of releases this week to see if we missed anything that might appeal to you.


John and co-host Chris Love are here this week for a discussion regarding the hot topics that are plaguing the comic book community. This week we are discussing…..

  • Love for comic legend George Perez
  • Netflix’s Punisher and Daredevil news
  • Spider-Man 2099 and Across the Spider-Verse news
  • Secret Santa
  • Best Wednesday Ever!


John and some friends of the shop (Jake, Jason and Tim) get together every couple of weeks in order to spotlight what they would buy as investments. This friendly competition begins with each being assigned $500 to spend (except for Jake who was given $100) and $100 being added each week afterwards.

The players can purchase more books, have their books cleaned and pressed, have them graded or liquidate them in order to add more money into their banks. Our goal is to move up to bigger and bigger keys as time goes on.

Let us know what you think!


We are now taking submissions for our pressing service! If you plan on submitting your books to any of the grading companies, you want to have your books pressed and cleaned prior to doing so. As the companies become more stringent, you don’t want to give them an opening to downgrade a book you love.

We are limiting the number of books we take the first two months to 500 each so that we can ensure the fastest turnaround times possible. If you have never seen pressing and cleaning before or want to check it out first, stop by our Walkersville, Maryland location to see why THE PRESSING MATTERS!


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Thank you reading.

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