It’s finally a done deal. Brainstorm Comics and Gaming is proud to announce we will be bringing both the comic collecting and the gaming communities of the area the full experience that they deserve. In order to do so, we have signed a lease for a 4,000 square foot location at 25 Maple Avenue in Walkersville, Maryland with a targeted opening day of Wednesday July 31st.

This second location (yes, we are keeping the store at 117 N. Market St in downtown Frederick as well) will address the aspects our customers have been asking for. Yes, we listen to what you are looking for.

So what does this new location give you that you’ve been requesting?

1) PARKING! We know this is one of the bigger complaints about downtown for those who only make the trek there for Brainstorm. For those who would rather not pay for parking or for those who normally don’t go downtown, hopefully this provides a palatable alternative.

And we know we are going to need that ample parking because of reasons two and three.

2) GAMING SPACE! 1400 of the 4000 square feet will be dedicated to tables for gaming. We will have tables available for roleplaying games, Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon, board games, Warhammer, and much, much more. Regardless of what your favorite game is, Brainstorm Comics and Gaming will have you covered.

We will be running events on a regular basis. Our goal is to build a vibrant community that fosters friendships and camaraderie. Keep an eye out for more news.

This community starts with YOU!

3) BACK ISSUES GALORE! Over the last few years we have been commended on a regular basis for our back issue selection; however, we can say with full confidence that you ain’t seen nothing yet.

For the last five years, Brainstorm Comics and Gaming has been accumulating collections with our eye on this goal  more than 1000 long boxes of comics will make their way into the store. We have no doubt that this location will become a hub for both longtime and new collectors to either augment or build their collection.

Each week our goal is to add between 5,000 and 10,000 books to the inventory with having 150,000 to 200,000 books in the store at any given time. Obviously getting to that point will take us a few months but trust is when we say the selection will be extensive.

4) A WIDE SELECTION! Much like our downtown location, we plan on presenting an inventory that is guaranteed to please any hobbyist.  Thousands of graphic novels, over 1000 board games, an unmatched Warhammer selection, Pokemon and Magic (yes, including the return of singles). It will take us a few months to meet our full inventory goals, but you will not be disappointed even in the growing stages.

We want to be hobby store that the Frederick area not only wants, but the one it deserves. The 35 years of support has allowed us to grow to this point and we thank every single one of you for that opportunity.

With this growth, we know there will be inevitable questions like…..

Where do I pick up my subscription?

The answer is the store of your choosing. This growth is about giving you more choices and more services.

If you have other questions, let us know.

I know it took a lot longer than what I intended for this larger location (I’ve been talking about it for three years so I’m sure some of you thought I was making it up) but we wanted to ensure we found the right space, not just for us as the owners, but for you as the customers.

Trust me when I say this is just the beginning. We have much more on the horizon.

So whether you’re a longtime tried and true member of the Brainstorm Comics and Gaming family, someone who drifted away for whatever reason or a person who hasn’theard of us previously, you’re going to want to be a part of our future.

Just remember to bring sunglasses and suntan lotion because it’s going to be bright and sunny.

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