We apologize for the delay in getting out emails over the last few months, but we’ve been working on some new projects, updating the stores and adding more back issues to our Walkersville location.    Hopefully we can get back on the regular schedule starting with this email.   One of the things we’ve been working on is the Turning the Page video series where a duo of hosts discuss the topics of the day regarding the comics industry.  If you haven’t checked out any of our videos yet, click on one of the buttons below.   New episodes are uploaded every Friday.   While you’re at it, it would be greatly appreciated if you subscribed to the channel or like the video.

In addition to that video series, we’ve also launched a weekly series wherein we will go over the top five comics you should keep an out for each week.  The video, along with the weekly staff pics, will be posted every Wednesday.   Here is this past week’s High Five and the staff picks.   We have also added Balmory into our picks starting this week.
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