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Every week, John does a video spotlighting the top five comics he thinks you should be paying attention to each week. We do this because want to make sure you spend your hard earned money on books you’ll enjoy which is why we provide this list to you weekly on our YouTube channel.

In the preview, we’re going to unveil the High Five–the top five books we think you should pay particular attention to this Wednesday. To hear why we think they should be on people’s pull list, check out the YouTube channel on Wednesday morning.

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If you want to know more about the titles that were selected for the High Five, click on the links below the pictures in order to be taken to their solicit.


4) FLASH #768

3) SILK #1



If you see anything that you like, go to to add it to you list. Nothing is worse than arriving at your local comic shop on a Wednesday only to find an empty slot where the most coveted book of the week used to be.

Remember, if you like The High Five, check out the YouTube channel for an explanation as to why these are our top five comics of the week.

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