Every week John and a co-host–this week it’s Chris Love is a battlefield–to give an update on the comic book news of the week and give our opinions of the highlights.

This week the duo discusses the following:

  • how the market is changing due to the influence of Dav Pilkey’s Dogman series along with the reach of Scholastic.
  • the deal that DC Comics has made with Wal-Mart to reach young readers.
  • the angry ex-girlfriend copy of Amazing Spider-Man is going on tour
  • the things that Chris and I believe are positive in the industry currently

To read the full articles regarding these topics, click the links below the button. And to see the beautiful faces of Chris and John slinging the comic book news and opinions you want to hear, simply click the button below.

To read about the sheer number of copies of Dogman being moved, read the following article:



To read about the deal DC Comics and Wal-Mart have agree to, click on the following:


And finally, to learn more about the Angry Ex-Girlfriend copy of Amazing Spider-Man, click on the following:


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