Hello Storm Chasers! This week will be an abbreviated Turning the Page as we’ve been working diligently on preparing some things around the store that we are sure you’re going to enjoy. For those of you who have never watched a Turning the Page, this is where the Brainstorm Comics and Gaming crew covers the hot comic topics of the day, giving our viewpoint on what has the industry talking. We have limited ourselves to 2 topics this week due to our limited time, but some great content is jam-packed in there. Will Batman Fortnite make the video? You’ll have to watch to find out.

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At the very bottom of this post, you’ll be able to watch the video. Here are our two topics for the week:


character spotlight comic comics book books dc silencer fatality john stewart new age of heroes superheroes green lantern dan abnett ron marz john romita jr darryl banks
Chandler and John discuss the characters they think would benefit from a larger spotlight from their comic publisher. Both chose DC characters but one went with a hero while the other went with a villain. Who do you think could explode in popularity given the right story and exposure?


comic book market bubble crash prices crash explosion
Comic prices are soaring to unbelievable levels at a breakneck pace. Is this the new normal, a price correction or is a comic book crash around the corner? We give our perspective on the topic.

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As promised, here is the video from this week. We hope you enjoy. Whether you do or don’t, pop a comment on the video so we know. If there are any hot comic topics you think we should discuss, drop a comment so we can add it to our list.


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