Hey there, comic book lovers! You know that little jolt of happiness you get in the middle of a tough week? Yes, I’m talking about Wednesday—the day new comic book issues drop. Why is Wednesday so darn special? Stick around as we explore the joy of new comics, engage in a fun “Guess the Comic” game, start our comic book trivia contest (Know Your Store edition), and give you our hot takes on this week’s releases.

What will your happiness be this week? Marvel? DC? An independent book?

Hollywood may be on strike, but comic creators bring you blockbuster stories each and every week at the fraction of the cost of a movie ticket.


Let’s face it. Weekdays can be a drag. But then Wednesday rolls around, and it’s like the universe throws you a lifebuoy. Comic book stores update their shelves, buzzing with activity and energy. In a way, it’s the geek’s Christmas—except it happens every week. And we’re adding to that excitement with comic book trivia.

If you’re a comic fan in Frederick, Maryland, then you know Brainstorm Comics and Gaming in downtown Frederick is the place to be on Wednesdays. New Comics. Great Discounts. And now, the return of comic book trivia.


In the picture to the right, you will find a zoomed in portion of one of this week’s anticipated books.  Let us know in the comments below or our various social media which book you think it is.  If you want to take a look at this week’s covers (along with getting the lowdown on which books you can expect on the shelves this week, click on over to League of Comic Geeks to narrow down your guess.

While you’re over there, you may want to start a subscription with Brainstorm Comics and Gaming, if you don’t already have one.  The amount of perks for subscribers are unmatched in the area:

20% off new comics

20% off back issues

20% off graphic novels

10% off board games

Take control of your collection with Brainstorm Comics and Gaming.


It is time to prove you know your stuff!  This week marks the return of our weekly trivia, where you have a chance to win $20 in free comics!  Whoever wins will receive a gift card good for the following week’s books.  The gift card is only good for the following week and must be collected in store.  So if you live outside of the area, feel free to play along, but unfortunately we do not ship at this time.


This week we’re putting the focus on Brainstorm Comics and Gaming, Frederick, Maryland’s first choice for comics since 1984.  How much do you know about your LCS (local comic shop)?



Every week produces must-read stories that everyone will be talking about over the coming days.  These books to the left are ones that you will want to pay particular attention to this week.  Lots of number ones are coming out from Marvel Comics, DC Comics and Image Comics.

Which ones are you looking for on the shelf this week? 

Not familiar with some? Click on the titles below to find out why you should add these to your stack.

Batman and Robin #1

Batman: Gargoyle of Gotham #1

Daredevil #1

Creepshow #1

Spine-Tingling Spider-Man #0

Werewolf By Night #1

Avengers Inc #1

Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi #1


Sometimes it isn’t the story that attracts you to the book, but an amazing cover.  This week, we have some amazing pieces from an homage to Captain America #1 to more Skottie Young goodness to a series of covers from Rose Besch for DC Comics. 

Cover aficionados will have plenty to feast their eyes on this week.

John’s person favorite is the run by Rose Besch–last week’s Batman and Poison Ivy are joined by this week’s Green Lantern.  The most difficult question this week isn’t in our comic book trivia, but which book will be on the top of your reading stack.

Hopefully, you make it by Brainstorm Comics and Gaming this Wednesday to see and feel the excitement of New Comic Book Day.  Once you do, you’ll see why Your Collection Starts Here!  Don’t forget to put in your entries for the trivia.  The only thing better than comics are free comics!


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