To paraphrase the late, great Johnny Cash–Brainstorm has been everywhere, man. When Brainstorm Comics and Gaming says that we are the part of thousands of collections, they aren’t empty words restricted to the Frederick, Maryland area. As you can see from the map below, we have literally shipped all over the country and back again.

Over the course of this year, we’ve made a dedicated effort to ramp up our eBay store, posting thousands of items from the many different hobbies we cater to during that time. In about 8 months, we’ve shipped more than 2000 items from one coast to the other and everything in between.

The most exciting piece to us about that enormous growth we’ve seen is that we have 100% positive feedback. Why? Because we care about the hobbies you care about and we show that through the things things that matter most. While we wanted to grow our online presence, we didn’t want to sacrifice the things that make people in the Frederick, Maryland area choose Brainstorm Comics and Gaming over and over again.


When we ship, we ensure that the item is protected in a way we would want them if we were the buyer instead of the seller. As hobbyists ourselves who have ordered items from eBay, we know there are many people who cut corners here. We don’t. Nothing is more disappointing after making a collection completing purchase than to have it arrive in an envelope with no protection. Rest assured that Brainstorm Comics and Gaming knows you and your purchase deserve better than that. Every comic is first bagged and boarded then placed between pieces of cardboard to give it a rigidity that will withstand the most abusive postal employee. Finally, it’s placed in a T-Fold mailer that is designed to ship comics.

For cards, we take that same sort of care. Each one is placed in a sleeve before being placed inside of a top loader. Once there, we place this between pieces of cardboard for added support. Finally, it’s placed in a bubble mailer for its protection and your peace of mind.


Before we ever mail out items, we take care of them in a manner any hobbyist can appreciate. No one wants to buy a book or card that the hobby store didn’t give the proper care. You know the stores we’re talking about. The ones who can’t be bothered to actually bag and board their stock. We aren’t that type of store.

Despite the quantity of items we have been selling on a weekly basis, we treat every purchase with the special care it deserves. We didn’t take care of them in-store just to have them damaged in transit.

As we sell more items to more places across the United States, we’ll be adding them to the map.

So go on–zoom in to see where Brainstorm Comics and Gaming has been in just the last few months. If you’ve made a purchase at our store but don’t see your town, let us know. Then follow us on eBay so you, too, can see why we’ve been everywhere across the United States this year.

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