Why Aren’t You Reading…? is a series of videos where we pick up stories we think you would enjoy and give you our take on why we feel comic fans would feel it’s worth a read.  Some are old, some are new, all are entertaining.

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This review is for Gideon Falls.

In this story, we have two interconnecting stories.  If you enjoy conspiracy driven books with a dash of suspense and a hint of terror, this is going to be your type of book.  Secret societies!  A dark and mysterious past!  Murder!  It’s all here.

We follow two characters–a mentally unstable man with a penchant for collecting odds and ends from around the city; in addition to him, we have a priest who is sent to a town who lost their previous minister under mysterious circumstances.  How are they connected?  What is the larger story?  Watch the video below to get more information.

Gideon Falls is written by Jeff Lemire with art by Andrea Sorrentino.

Don’t miss out on this.


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