The Magic of New Comic Book Day

Every Wednesday, comic enthusiasts around the globe eagerly await with bated breath, because it’s no ordinary day—it’s New Comic Book Day! This mid-week marvel has become a beloved ritual, setting hearts racing and sending fans flocking to their nearest comic book stores. Why? Well, that’s the grand day when fresh, captivating comic releases hit the shelves, offering fans thrilling adventures and gripping narratives. This isn’t just a day; it’s the beating heart of the comic world, ensuring that even in the midst of a challenging week, there’s a bright spot filled with heroes, villains, and epic tales. So, here’s to Wednesdays, the day that truly embodies the magic of comics!

Why Brainstorm Comics and Gaming in Frederick is Your Wednesday Destination

Hello, marvelous comic aficionados of Frederick and beyond! 🌟 This Wednesday, and every Wednesday, let’s celebrate our shared passion for all things comics at Brainstorm Comics and Gaming. Dive into a universe where imagination has no bounds! Whether you’re on the hunt for the latest releases or seeking rare gems, Brainstorm promises a paradise of adventures waiting to be discovered. Plus, with over four decades of experience in delighting fans, our store is more than just a comic hub; it’s a community. So, don your superhero capes, rally your squad, and let’s make this Wednesday legendary! Your epic tale begins at Brainstorm – where every page turned is a new adventure waiting. See you there!

Check out the list of what’s arriving this week here.

Don’t forget to scroll all the way through to see your opportunity to win $20 in comics! You must pick up the books in store–we cannot ship them.


Become a Subscriber: The Smartest Decision for a Comic Book Enthusiast

Attention all comic aficionados! The real comic connoisseurs consistently choose Brainstorm Comics and Gaming as their ultimate destination for unparalleled comic experiences. Immerse yourself in our treasure trove of back issues, where the classics come alive, or be the first to grab the most recent, sizzling releases off the shelves! But wait, Brainstorm isn’t merely a store—it’s the epicenter of all things comics! The cherry on top? Our cherished subscribers are showered with an unbeatable 20% discount, not just on the back issues and new releases, but also on our vast collection of graphic novels and trade paperbacks. The universe of comics beckons you! Become a part of the Brainstorm brigade today, and dive headfirst into endless adventures!


Brainstorm Comics and Gaming: Frederick's Gem

Imagine a place where imagination reigns, where stories come alive, and where gaming is more than just a hobby—it’s a community experience. That’s what we’ve cultivated at Brainstorm Comics and Gaming for over a decade. Thanks to the unwavering support of our incredible patrons, we’ve clinched the title of ‘Best of Frederick’ in Frederick Magazine for 11 consecutive years. This feat feels like a tale straight out of our best-selling comics, a testament to our bond with you, the heart and soul of our establishment.

Now, as the nominations for this year roll in, we’re reaching out with a humble request: let’s make history together once more. Casting your vote for Brainstorm Comics and Gaming isn’t merely about an accolade; it’s about celebrating the shared memories, the heated game nights, the thrill of discovering new stories, and above all, our collective spirit. We invite you, our extended family, to help us etch our name for the 12th time. Every vote echoes the tales of camaraderie, adventures, and the magic moments that make our store truly special. Let’s turn the page to another victorious chapter, hand in hand.




“Guess the Comic” Game: Let’s Play!


In the picture to the right, you will find a blurred cover of
one of this week’s books (Hint: it is a main cover, not a variant).  Let us know in the comments below
or our various social media which book you think it is.  If you want to
take a look at this week’s covers (along with getting the lowdown on
which books you can expect on the shelves this week), click on over to 
League of Comic Geeks to narrow down your guess.

While you’re over there, you may want to start a subscription with
Brainstorm Comics and Gaming, if you don’t already have one.  The
amount of perks for subscribers are unmatched in the area:

20% off new comics

20% off back issues

20% off graphic novels

10% off board games

Take control of your collection with Brainstorm Comics and Gaming.

Our Past Winners

Shoutout to last week’s winner, Mitchell, who was the first to correctly guess Iron Man #10! Want your name to be up here? Play along!

If you’re a fan of the X-Men or Iron Man, you’re going to want to be reading those books. Big changes are in the works, especially for the Hellfire Club.




Every week produces must-read stories that everyone will be talking about over the coming days.  These books to the left are ones that you will want to pay particular attention to this week.  Lots of number ones are coming out from Marvel Comics, DC Comics and Image Comics.

Which ones are you looking for on the shelf this week? 

Not familiar with some? Click on the titles below to find out why you should add these to your stack.

Transformer #1 (Daniel Warren Johnson + Transformers = all the good feels)
GODS #1 (Jonathan Hickman rewriting magic within the Marvel Universe)
Star Wars: The High Republic: Shadow of Starlight #1
DC’s Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun Special (Get the Halloween mood with these DC stories)
Ranger Academy #1 (A new title showing the training of Rangers)



Comic enthusiasts, brace yourselves for the most thrilling New Comic Book Day yet! The covers dropping this week are nothing short of legendary, capturing the essence of our beloved superheroes and their epic tales. The artwork is detailed, vibrant, and evokes a myriad of emotions—trust me, it’s the kind of art that gets imprinted in your memory! And hey, if you’re in Frederick, Maryland, there’s no better place to grab your copies than the renowned Brainstorm Comics and Gaming. Their collection is vast, and their vibes are unmatched. Don’t miss out; make sure to snag your copy and be a part of this exhilarating comic wave!


Attention, pop culture enthusiasts and comic mavens! While the classic dilemma of the chicken and the egg has puzzled minds for ages, the comic world has its own set of enigmas. Let’s start with a simple one: Who made their grand entrance first, the quick-witted, fourth-wall-breaking Deadpool, or the master assassin Deathstroke? And for those into action figures and Saturday morning cartoons, ponder this: Which brand stormed the toy shelves first, the transforming aliens of Transformers or the patriotic heroes of G.I. Joe? Moving into the cosmic realm, have you ever wondered which tyrant reigned supreme first: the omnipotent Darkseid from the DC universe or Marvel’s Mad Titan, Thanos? These questions can truly test your pop culture mettle, delving deep into the rich tapestry of comic lore. So, how do you fare? Ensure you’re on top of your game by subscribing to our social media channels, where we continue to challenge your knowledge and serve up juicy tidbits from the world of comics, movies, and more. Let the battles of knowledge commence!

Hopefully, you make it by Brainstorm Comics and Gaming this Wednesday to see and feel the excitement of New Comic Book Day.  Once you do, you’ll see why Your Collection Starts Here!  Don’t forget to put in your entries for the trivia.  The only thing better than comics are free comics!


Oh, what a joyous day it is, fellow comic enthusiasts! A huge, heartwarming THANK YOU to each and every one of you for making Brainstorm Comics and Gaming in Frederick, Maryland your ultimate destination for comic nirvana every week. Today, as you know, is no ordinary day—it’s Wednesday! It’s New Comic Book Day! The day where the pages come alive with new adventures and captivating tales, and the vibrant covers beckon you from the shelves. Thanks to your unwavering support and shared passion, today is officially… the happiest day of the week at Brainstorm! Let’s keep the magic alive and let those stories whisk us away!

Today is Wednesday. Today is New Comic Book Day. Today is…..




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