🎉 New Release Wednesday at Brainstorm Comics and Gaming: Why It’s the Happiest Day of the Week in Frederick, Maryland! 🎉


We all know that feeling. The week seems long, and you’re searching for that spark of excitement to break the monotony.

In a world filled with endless digital distractions, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and disconnected. You crave something tangible, something real. A world where stories come alive, characters become friends, and every page turn is a new adventure.

Enter the Happiest Day of the Week at Brainstorm Comics and Gaming!

Why Wednesday is Special in Frederick, Maryland:


  1. A Legacy of Trust: For over 40 years, the residents of Frederick, Maryland, have trusted Brainstorm Comics and Gaming to deliver the best in the comic book world. Our deep-rooted expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness in the industry make us the go-to destination for all comic enthusiasts.
  2. Fresh Adventures Every Week: Every Wednesday, we unveil the latest releases, offering a fresh dose of excitement and a break from the daily grind.
  3. Community and Connection: Beyond the comics, it’s about the camaraderie. Engage with fellow fans, discuss the latest plot twists, and be part of a community that shares your passion.
  4. Exclusive Offers Just for You: To celebrate our cherished customers, we roll out special promotions and discounts on new releases every Wednesday.

Located in the heart of Frederick, Maryland, Brainstorm Comics and Gaming is more than just a store; it’s a legacy, a community, and a haven for stories that matter.

Join us this Wednesday and experience the magic for yourself. Let’s continue the tradition and make it the happiest day of your week!

Check out the list of what’s arriving this week here.


DC Books Will Be in Late Today

We sincerely apologize for the delay in today’s arrival of our DC and Image comic books. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the boxes are now scheduled to arrive by 1:30 PM. We are committed to ensuring you get your comics as soon as possible, and we anticipate having them ready for pick-up by 2:30 PM, provided they arrive on schedule. We understand the excitement and anticipation that comes with New Release Day, and we deeply regret any inconvenience this delay may have caused. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Become a Subscriber: The Smartest Decision for a Comic Book Enthusiast

Attention all comic aficionados! The real comic connoisseurs consistently choose Brainstorm Comics and Gaming as their ultimate destination for unparalleled comic experiences. Immerse yourself in our treasure trove of back issues, where the classics come alive, or be the first to grab the most recent, sizzling releases off the shelves! But wait, Brainstorm isn’t merely a store—it’s the epicenter of all things comics! The cherry on top? Our cherished subscribers are showered with an unbeatable 20% discount, not just on the back issues and new releases, but also on our vast collection of graphic novels and trade paperbacks. The universe of comics beckons you! Become a part of the Brainstorm brigade today, and dive headfirst into endless adventures!


Brainstorm Comics and Gaming: Frederick's Gem

Imagine a place where imagination reigns, where stories come alive, and where gaming is more than just a hobby—it’s a community experience. That’s what we’ve cultivated at Brainstorm Comics and Gaming for over a decade. Thanks to the unwavering support of our incredible patrons, we’ve clinched the title of ‘Best of Frederick’ in Frederick Magazine for 11 consecutive years. This feat feels like a tale straight out of our best-selling comics, a testament to our bond with you, the heart and soul of our establishment.

Now, as the nominations for this year roll in, we’re reaching out with a humble request: let’s make history together once more. Casting your vote for Brainstorm Comics and Gaming isn’t merely about an accolade; it’s about celebrating the shared memories, the heated game nights, the thrill of discovering new stories, and above all, our collective spirit. We invite you, our extended family, to help us etch our name for the 12th time. Every vote echoes the tales of camaraderie, adventures, and the magic moments that make our store truly special. Let’s turn the page to another victorious chapter, hand in hand.




“Guess the Comic” Game: Let’s Play!


In the picture to the right, you will find a blurred cover of
one of this week’s books (Hint: it is a main cover, not a variant).  Let us know in the comments below
or our various social media which book you think it is.  If you want to
take a look at this week’s covers (along with getting the lowdown on
which books you can expect on the shelves this week), click on over to 
League of Comic Geeks to narrow down your guess.

While you’re over there, you may want to start a subscription with
Brainstorm Comics and Gaming, if you don’t already have one.  The
amount of perks for subscribers are unmatched in the area:

20% off new comics

20% off back issues

20% off graphic novels

10% off board games

Take control of your collection with Brainstorm Comics and Gaming.

Last week’s comic was Peacemaker!


Last Week's Raffle Winner

Congratulations, Tyler! 🎉 We’re thrilled to announce that you are the winner of our Wednesday raffle! You’ve earned $20 in credit towards this week’s comics, adding a bit more joy to your Wednesday. A big thank you to everyone who participated. Your enthusiasm and support make these events so special. Stay tuned for our next contest, and who knows, you could be our next winner!



Every week produces must-read stories that everyone will be talking about over the coming days.  These books to the left are ones that you will want to pay particular attention to this week.  Lots of number ones are coming out from Marvel Comics, DC Comics and Image Comics.

Which ones are you looking for on the shelf this week? 

Not familiar with some? Click on the titles below to find out why you should add these to your stack.



Hello, comic enthusiasts! Ever found yourself pondering over this intriguing question: Who appeared in the comic realm first – Namor or Aquaman? It’s a fun tidbit that many comic fans have wondered about. On our site, we’ve set up a quick “test your comic knowledge” challenge centered around this very question. Think you know the answer? It’s a simple click away! Whether you’re rooting for Namor or have a soft spot for Aquaman, this quick test is a delightful way to validate your comic trivia. So, why wait? Jump in and see if you’ve got this one right!


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