Have you ever arrived at your Local Comic Shop only to discover the book you were eagerly awaiting is nowhere to be found? Do not miss out! Wednesday is supposed to be the happiest day of the week. Let Brainstorm Comics and Gaming ensure that it is by starting your comics subscription at either of our Frederick and Walkersville, Maryland locations. See why thousands of collections have started at the ten time winner of Best of Frederick.

Located at 117 N Market St in Frederick and 25 Maple Ave in Walkersville, Maryland


One of the biggest benefits of having a subscription is not having to worry about missing your favorite book. As collectors ourselves, we know how frustrating it is to have a hole in your collection. The only person who cares about your books more than us is you. You have enough things on your plate.

To ensure this runs smoothly, we use League of Comic Geek’s subscription service which allows you to control your pulls from the comfort of your own house.


The reason Brainstorm Comics and Gaming chose to use League of Comic Geeks are numerous and they all center around you and your needs. So let’s highlight some of the biggest ones.

  1. Portability–supported by a mobile app as well as a website. This ensures you’re ALWAYS in control of YOUR collection
  2. Accounting–there are features within League of Comic Geeks that ensures you stay within your budget. It lets you know what you are projected to spend for the week and the month.
  3. Updates–every week you’ll get emails telling you what to expect in your box and on our walls
  4. Recommendations–it’s difficult to stay up-to-date on everything coming out, so LoCG makes sure you know which books might interest you.
  5. Cataloguing–the site allows you to track your collection so when you’re visiting other stores, you know what you already have
  6. Comic Book Database–get the summaries and solicitations not just to recent and upcoming books, but past ones as well
  7. Community Boards–discuss your favorite titles with like-minded fans
  8. Pictures of every cover–a great resource to see if there’s a variant cover that catches your eye, a must-have for hardcore collectors like you
  9. Transportable–if you ever move from the area, you can reassign your subscription to any other store that uses the system.

To start your comics subscription with Brainstorm Comics and Gaming, simply go to League of Comic Geeks and start an account. Once you do, search stores with either the zip code of 21701 (Frederick) or 21793 (Walkersville), depending on whether your want the Frederick or Walkersville store. Select us as your store and then start building your subscription list.

It’s that easy. If for some reason you’re having difficulty setting up a subscription, though, give us a call and we’ll talk you through it or advice or what to do.


So all of those were the benefits from League of Comic Geeks, but Brainstorm Comics and Gaming adds even more on top of that. Subscribers also get the following:

  1. 20% off new releases
  2. 20% off older back issues
  3. 20% off graphic novels / manga
  4. 10% off board games

And unlike most other stores, we don’t require you to have a large pull list to get those benefits. As long as you have one active on-going series on your comics subscription, you’ll receive all of those great discounts. A comic fan, no matter how big or small their collecting habits, should get the same treatment as everyone else.

By the end of January, we will have a selection of 50,000 (yes, you read that number correctly–50,000) back issues to peruse to fill in those holes in your collection. There are over 3,000 graphic novels to find just that right book to entertain. And lastly, we have 600+ board games always on hand. Our selection will overwhelm you with its enormity. Don’t settle for anything less.


For all of those reasons and many more you’ll discover along the way, you’ll see why your collection starts here. Join the Brainstorm Comics and Gaming comics community by having your comics subscription here. Choosing any other store is costing you money.

Don’t forget to join our mailing list to stay up-to-date on all of the Brainstorm Comics and Gaming happenings!

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